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            (2 Thessalonians 2:9, 10)
Reference: God's Vision for The Last - Day Church Teen Challenge SAInc/December 2003.

God's Vision for the Last Day Church was an article that came into my hands, written by a Morrie Thompson the pastor who heads up an outreach called.........Teen Challenge, who uses the quote ...."who dares wins".......which is the saying of the special air services group/SAS Commando Section of the Australian Armed Forces.

I really don't know what the SAS would say about that, especially a weak kneed compromising religious organisation like AOG using it. As an X infantry man from the Australian Army I can say that at least the SAS are faithful to their cause which is more than I can say about AOG, Laodecian Church.

In this article of Mr Thompson he says that....the churches that are not part of the holy remnant are described as follows....
* the world scoffs at them
they have no influence,
respect or impact on society.
These churches sound like the church at Philidelphia and Smyrna to me by no means Laodecian.......cashed up, sin laden, pride filled, world lovin' and society accepted while Christ rejected........James 4:4, Hebrews 11:37, 38.........selah!

Mr Thompson says that the Last Day Church does more than preach and teach. Not according to the great commission it doesn't. Forgive me, I am wrong, it also water baptises.....Matthew 28:19, 20. I find that this is the major downfall of all denominations today.....they try to save souls, they try to raise the dead and barely raise an eyebrow, they try to preach fire and brimstone and they only have a candle burning within, they try to let the world know that God is with them and show the world that God isn't with them or anyone that doesn't love him, obey him or cling to him..........Deuteronomy 30:11-22, Psalm 5:5.
  • Mr Thompson says that if preaching alone accomplished God's desires Australia would have been won to Christ long ago.........

    My reply to that is.
    ...........this is blasphemy on its own because the word never returns void. The problem is that Australia has never had the true gospel, Australia is full of (hybrid) seed gospel, money making marketeering ministers who seek fame, fortune and fornication. Competition is stiff and if you want to lower the holy standard you'll fill the seats................Add to that Australia loves her sin.
I still cannot understand what a supposed holy, meek, gentle and kind denomination as AOG would want with a motto belonging to trained killers.............hello?

Australia, is no doubt the great south land of paganism, masquerading as a Christ Loving Country. (click here)
  • Matthew 12 : 39, 16:4
    Jesus said adulterers, the evil, the wicked
    look for signs and wonders (are you?).
This in itself is a shame and a slight to the doctrine and name of Messiah. I cringe at the hearing of all the revival, power performances and bank bills falling from the sky, snatched away from the unrighteous and placed into the hands of the (supposed) righteous. I would probably weep and lament if I did not have such a good sense of humour.........(click here).

Mr Thompson is thinking just as the....... poor rich fool.........who like most think that miracles will turn them, what does the divine response say?........
Mr Thompson........the word of Yahweh says that you must believe before you ever see the glory of God. I can not find any great, mighty, end time revival and massive soul saving event before the return of Messiah on the clouds, the upward call, neither do I find the remnant a mate of society...........Matthew 10:22, Psalm 5:5.

However I can show you where the word of Yahweh says that there will be a falling away from the faith not the churches but the faith and also it is written that it will be just as it was before the flood came in Noahs time.

Jesus actually said this...........will I find any faithful? He didn't say will I find any church buildings but will I find any who have been and are faithful ( in the faith/ doctrine) to him..........ref/ Luke 18:8, Matthew 7:14.

Once again we find that the word.....the preaching of it is not enough......at least according to the experts. What did Jesus say?..

I know my sheep my sheep know my voice or was that my sheep know my miracles they follow me. What did the judge Jesus say to the seven churches?........He who has eyes let him see my miracles?............or he who has an ear let him hear?

Faith has nothing to do with sight and everything to do with what you hear.
Pastor Paul Sheehan, January 2004.
Watchman, outside the gate.
Romans 10:17

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P.S..........God's vision for his last day church is the bride remaining faithful to the groom/ Jesus the Christ...................... .......Revelation 3:7-13.

Footnote: Great multitudes came out of the great tribulation not before the rapture/upward call but out of the great tribulation, reference...........Revelation 7:9,10.