(without a preacher)
Romans 10:14
● Allow me to sketch the setting/backdrop.

I was preaching the doctrine of the Christ in inner City Brisbane, it was about 5:10am/9.12.2008 and I was situated directly opposite a 14 storey Motel, when Father took my attention to the balcony of the 6th floor while still preaching. And what did I see?

There was a white cockatoo (sulphur crested) sitting on the railing of the balcony of the 6th floor unit being attacked by three magpies, this went on for about 15

Then a woman came out from behind the sliding door to see what the commotion was on her balcony, the noise of these birds fighting was, I must admit, very loud.

Anyway, Jesus knows how to get people's attention, even get people out of their comfy beds to hear 'His' the preachers message. If there be a way to reach a person you don't even know lives, Jesus knows how to reach them.

Once this woman got onto the balcony and saw the magpies attacking the Cockatoo she motioned them away and it was then she looked down and heard me preaching.

She stood listening for a while, the magpies had already gone and the cockatoo had also departed and she went back into her unit only to come back out again and sit down in a chair and listen to the message I was preaching which was...."Jesus said follow Me and to follow Jesus is to do what His word/doctrine says, if we do not follow Jesus we can not have any part of his Kingdom but we will eternally perish in the fires of hell".

● Jesus calls all sinners to repent, will he come to your place next, only Jesus knows.... ...glory halleluyah!!!!!

Lift up your voice like a trumpet!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Isaiah 55:11

P.S...The cockatoo (sulphur crested) in the bird world is known as the 'watchman'.