‘Jesus Turns Nightmares into (Heavenly) Happy Meals’
tis so sweet to trust in Jesus
Psalm 1

IN CONSIDERATION OF PEOPLES RECOMMENDATIONS .. the true heart condition and the real IQ of the person doing the recommending is made manifest to all ..

When people recommend other people, spokespersons, books, writers, dining houses/restaurants or holiday resorts, most seem to think that it will be a prize catch and look forward to the find. But sadly as the World, the Churches of the World and its people are, it usually is a fizzer and not as it seemed or was made to appear. Seems means .. apparent, but not in reality.

However, we can expect exceedingly more from the Christ our loving Saviour-God and His bonafide love filled prophets, as holy script states .. ref/Rom 5:5, Matt 23:34-36, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

Only recently I was abused and accused by a Mentally unstable person who calls himself a Clinical Psychologist (Mr. Davindra Vokara) and after reading his accusations and diagnosis of myself, nothing could be further from the truth. He sounds more like an Anti-Christ as is his recommended readings and writers. This is always the case when a person is without the Truth-the Christ as their Lord and Preminence, whether Churched or not.

Although they may even use the Name ‘Jesus’ (as the Roman Catholics, Mormons, Anglicans, Uniting Church, 7th Day Adventists and Pentecostals do, to name but a few) or have it on their lips, they are never given the ability of True-Discernment , Wisdom or Knowledge because they are not found worthy by Yahweh to have it.. Yahweh simply leaves them groping in the Darkness of the Degenerated Rebel Mind-field of Psychology ref/John 1:5-12, John 7:17.
This adversary of mine Mr. Vokara, who says (hopes) he is ‘My Worst Nightmare’ has been made my ‘Happy Meal’ by My God-Jesus the Christ .. ref/Romans 8:28.. Click

Vokara in the attached letter/link, recommended the writings of a Mr. Sam Vaknin for me to read and I took a peek at this man’s work to see what Vokara (John) would recommend. What else can I say but God help the reader. If a reader is not a mental case before they read his/Vaknin’s writings and accept his views, they will be after…

Samuel Sam Vaknin (pictured above) .. is a Jew, Israeli Writer, Columnist, Editor, Economic Advisor and ‘ is-was’ a Business-Correspondent, who doesn’t believe in Healing, hence doesn’t really believe in God the Great Physician-Jesus the Christ, which is blatantly clear as you read his writings.
Vaknin has a self-proclaimed IQ of 180 and was a one time President of the Israeli chapter of the Unification Church's Professors for World Peace Academy or the ‘Family Federation for World Peace and Unification’. He is also no doubt of an Anti-Christ Spirit going by his own words, writings, books.

The Unification Church (the Moonies) was founded by Rev. Sun Myung Moon (deceased) a Korean, a total Nutter, who believes in talking with the dead and says he was @ a Meeting in Paradise with Jesus and the Saints of old and now has all the secrets of Heaven. Moon and his wife regard themselves as the true Mum and Dad of all humanity. All Church Members address/refer to the Moons as .. ‘True Father and True Mother’. How clever is Mr Vaknin to get tied up with such Hog-Wash Devils like The Moon Family.
Moon reckons that Jesus didn’t complete the full job for humanity hence he had to do the job, however Jesus time on earth wasn’t a total failure, Moon said. Can you believe this bloke. And to think that Millions follow this Lunatic. I think Vokara should spend his time slobbering over Moon and Vaknin rather than waste my time with his dribble talk.

Yes, many profess they have the ‘PEACE SOLUTION’ yet without Christ as Lord. Let me tell you dear reader, that is an Impossibility that God Himself will never allow to be possible… ‘Peace without the Christ as Lord’, Impossibility, Total Impossibility Click

Let me quote just a few lines of wisdom from Mr Vaknin’s writings. Keep in mind that he was recommended reading by ‘Dr Vokara’ my abuser-accuser, who accused me of being a Malignant Narcissist…
Quote: Contrary to his much-cultivated image, ‘Jesus’, like the vast Majority of Cult Leaders, lacked Empathy and was a Heartless and Irresponsible Manipulator whose Magical Thinking ruined the lives of many. He instructed his followers to commit acts that must have had harshly adverse impacts on their hitherto nearest and dearest.

Jesus monopolized the lives of his disciples to the Exclusion of all else and all others. As a ‘True Narcissist, Jesus’ reprimanded others for his own brand of behaviour”. Appendix/’Jesus Christ Narcissist’.. "Malignant Self-love: Narcissism Revisited"… Sam Vaknin .. Unquote.
Well, my question is.. ‘Could a Saint, a true child of the Most High God-Jesus the Christ recommend such a lunatic writer as Vaknin as one that could seriously help anyone in any real lasting way on any real issue, especially on Mind related subjects, let alone Salvation from Self, Sin, Satan, the Wrath to Come and Eternal Hell Fire . Once again IQ is certainly no confirmation or guarantee of Sanity or Salvation from Eternal Hell Fire is it… MMM.

But don’t tell the University Peoples that will you, they might get wrath with you and start defaming you. Only someone who subscribes to such piffle as .. ‘GOD TV’ .. could recommend the writings of Vaknin., this is for certain… ref/Acts 4:13.

But my wonderful Saviour-God, Jesus the Christ guarantees ‘Supreme Sanity-Holiness’ and Eternal Life via Holy Ghost Power, His Spirit of Love, Power and Sanity indwelling and leading us all the Way to Glory!On the basis of Faith-Obedience of course .. ref/ 2 Timothy 1:7, Acts 4:13, John 16:13,14.
At least I am numbered with the Christ (that’s the main thing) and not with the Vokara’s, Vaknin’s, Moons, the Tim Harts or the GOD TV’s of the World, praise God for all ‘Happy Meals’. Once again I have been publicly identified with the ‘Christ-God Almighty’ as being one of His and to make it even more perfect .. by mine enemies.

Re: My Muslim enemy who tried to Murder me in the street in 2002 also numbered me with Yahweh, confirming the words of Jeremiah the Prophet saying that .. “I burnt his heart with my Words”.. ref/Jeremiah 23:29…

Now I am being called a ‘Narcissist’ just like my Master Jesus the Christ. Is there any Higher, Greater or Richer Honour to be had by a Minister of the Gospel of the Christ?.. I dare say not.. Halleluyah!!!
Be Careful who you Recommend, Promote and Associate with, people may find out who you really are. Well, that is inevitable isn’t it, once we open the RPA Door.