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Davindra Vokara wrote:

Hello Mr. Sheehan….

Since your last piece of unintelligible literary outpouring,
I have been formulating my response. Why would you continue to send material when you have chosen to be my enemy? It is a simple matter to send it to my junk mail folder. Anyway, here is my response… Enjoy!

This is Davindra Vokara, but my full title is Dr. Davindra Vokara Ph.D. (Clinical Psychologist). You should also know that my English is much better than you would have expected. India is a complicated place. For example, did you know that wealthy Hindus who wish to give their children the best education send their kids to Christian schools with English speaking teachers who come from America, Britain, Australia and New Zealand? So, I was taught in English from the first year. At school, it is illegal to actively convert Hindus to the Christian faith, but we were taught ethics as a subject. The text book was the Bible. I learned the great lessons early and it sparked my interest in learning more about the faith. When I reached high school age, I was sent to a Christian boarding school in Australia where I was out of sight of my family. On occasion I was invited to attend Church with the families of some of my Australian friends. I came to know Jesus Christ at a Church Denomination of which you would most likely Disapprove. My university studies were begun in Melbourne but finished in the U.S.

I would have chosen Law like my brother, but my father preferred that I study Psychology because it would be an advantage to the Family Business. You see, we have Business Interests in many places around the World, especially in English speaking countries. When a major negotiation is going on, I am part of the team and my job is to observe the Psychological Strengths and Weaknesses of our Potential Clients and Partners. This knowledge has earned my family a Lot of Money. Are you aware that there are more Millionaires in India than there are people in Australia? I have the ability to assess a Person’s State of Mind within a very short time from the initial meeting. Just a few pages of any person’s writing can also reveal the real character of a person. Your website is very revealing about you.

My family is now Christian thanks to an Evangelist that visited India not many years ago. It was at my urging that they attended the series of Meetings. It seems that you don’t approve of him and the feeling from my family about you is reciprocal.

On one of my trips a few years ago, I met you at the airport and I had the unfortunate experience of sitting beside you in the departure lounge. Your manner was abrasive, but you insisted on giving me a book that you’d written. I found an excuse to sit elsewhere, but with nothing else to do, I began to endure the reading of the most poorly-written thesis that has come my way. After a few pages, I ‘filed it’ in the nearest bin. For a few years, I gave you no further thought.

I see from your website that you give these books at no cost. At least you understand the true value of your literary efforts. When one self-publishes, it’s been often called “vanity publishing”. With your particular psychological problems which I shall reveal shortly, vanity is at the core of your difficulties. Let me explain how you came to my attention more recently.

My family was watching.. ‘God TV’ .. and we decided to look for information on the Internet about some of our Favourite Ministries. This is how we stumbled upon your website. It turns out that you despise all of them. It was only when I saw your section relating to books and tapes that I realized that this was the same foolish author that I’d met at the airport in the Philippines. We were annoyed that a man who calls himself a prophet, so openly attacks the servants of God.

For this reason, I have further endured your writings and some of your video material which is painfully amateurish and niggling. Through your writings and our brief communication, I have arrived at a definitive diagnosis of your disorder, but I’m sure that you already know what it is. After all, according to Tim Hart’s web site. Unless the Psychiatrists were totally incompetent, they would have
given a diagnosis of psychopathy and/or megalomania. Since that time, some of the categories have become more precisely defined. The more current term would be Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), Aggressive Psychopathic Narcissism or another which is gaining more traction is known as Malignant Narcissism, a term being popularized through the writings of Sam Vaknin. Your practice of publishing alternating positive and negative messages about yourself on your website would seem bizarre if you were anything but the creature that you are. However, it is understandable for a narcissist who has the dual needs of praise and of attempting to shame and humiliate your enemies (which is anyone who refuses to accept your interpretation of Scripture).

I felt the need to confirm my initial impression of you by writing two emails to you. The test that you failed comprehensively was related to the level of provocation that was required to get you to manifest the traits of your psychopathic narcissism. As it turns out, it took very little stimulus at all. I very politely enquired as to the contact details of someone that you obviously hate. It could have been anyone, but on the day, it was a poet. The contact would have had no adverse impact on you or your activities. Your response was to attempt to insult me and the “Rhyming Man” and to attempt to divert me to material on your website. This was an expected tactic as you need to be recognized for your perceived superiority and greatness.

My second email reminded you that there was no disadvantage to you to provide the requested contact details. Next you continued with your railing against me and the poet, finishing by saying that you wouldn’t help me even if you could. My offer of either friendship or enmity has resulted in your refusal of friendship (which I fully expected). You therefore have an enemy in me at your own choosing. This is good news for me because God has promised that you will be my footstool one day.

My brother who is an Advocate has informed me that your question to me as to whether I was drunk was indeed an insult, given the context. However, I will accept your own rules of interpretation (your own version of hermeneutics). Therefore, I have questions of you that if I were the recipient would be considered insulting, but they will come publicly at a later date.

There are many books including that of Sam Vaknin, but to save you time and expense, I will suggest that you do your own Internet searches. Websites tend to compress and simplify the information. Here is one brief description with bullet points:

“Symptoms of this disorder, as defined by the DSM-IV-TR include:

Expects to be recognized as superior and special, without superior accomplishments ….. Expects constant attention, admiration and positive reinforcement from others * Envies others and believes others envy him/her * Is preoccupied with thoughts and fantasies of great success,
enormous attractiveness, power, intelligence * Lacks the ability to empathize with the feelings or desires of others * Is arrogant in attitudes and behaviour.
* Has expectations of special treatment that are unrealistic Per the Mayo Clinic, narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by dramatic, emotional behavior, which is in the same category as antisocial and borderline personality disorders.

Narcissistic personality disorder symptoms may include:

Believing that you're better than others * Fantasizing about power, success and attractiveness * Exaggerating your achievements or talents * Expecting constant praise and admiration * Believing that you're special and acting accordingly * Failing to recognize other people's emotions and feelings * Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans * Taking advantage of others * Expressing disdain for those you feel are inferior * Being jealous of others * Believing that others are jealous of you * Trouble keeping healthy relationships * Setting unrealistic goals * Being easily hurt and rejected * Having a fragile self-esteem * Appearing as tough-minded or unemotional.

In addition to these symptoms, the person may display arrogance, show superiority, and seek power. Narcissists have such an elevated sense of self-worth that they value themselves as inherently better than others, when in reality they have a fragile self-esteem, cannot handle , and will often try to compensate for this inner fragility by belittling or disparaging others in an attempt to validate their own self-worth. It is this tendency that is characteristic of narcissism as opposed to other psychological conditions affecting level of self-worth. “ -

Narcissists may lie for a variety of reasons which include seeking admiration or to hide their flaws or mistakes. They commonly lie to seek attention. In some cases, a person with this type of personality disorder will lie in order to make the person (s) he is lying to question their own sense of reality.

Narcissists use lying and deception as handy tools to get whatever they want. A narcissist will look you right in the eyes, without blinking, and lie right to your face. Narcissists become so skilled at lying that many of them believe that they are telling the truth. Others use constant lying as a way of controlling the people around them.

After all, if you know it and I know it, what is the point? I would be simply wasting my breath, a thing that I have no intention of doing. I fully intend to do something about it, and although you have written in 2003 that you don’t believing in Sowing and Reaping, I intend to make a believer out of you. It seems that you believe that you are not subject to the issue of Consequences.

When your Church in Toowoomba in the 90’s consisted of about 6 to 8 mental patients (according to Tim Hart), you got up in front of your congregation and stated that you would “publicly shame” any member of the Church who Sinned. For more than a decade, you have been attempting to publicly shame any member (individuals or churches) of the Greater Church which is known as the Body of Christ who you consider to have sinned. What is good for the cow is also good for the bull.

Although I am a Medical Professional, you are not my patient. Therefore I am not restrained from using My Powers of observation and my training to publicly identify a serious disorder which is revealed by the imprudent ravings of one who so publicly displays his shortcomings.

It is my intention to disseminate this material to those who are your victims and to those who might become attracted to your bizarre worldview that has you as the central pivot. What I have written here is the tip of the iceberg and the least damaging of my observations and deductions.

Here are some points to ponder: You are not unique. There are another 200,000 like you in your country with the same condition, and each thinks that he/she is superior to everyone else including you; I have dealt with hundreds like you, so I have seen every tactic.

Even though you think that you have come up with new ideas to combat or destroy me, I’ve already seen them; You have an IQ in the low 90’s, so more than 50% of the population is more intelligent than you, though you tend to bamboozle them; I know who you are and I know what you are; I know what your greatest fear is, and I’m willing to exploit it; You cannot provoke me;

You cannot manipulate me; You don’t know who I am, which country I’m in at any given time, or if I am affiliated with any Church Organization that you can attack. That is no accident; and

In effect, I am your greatest nightmare. I can snipe at you with impunity without you being able to respond. I will instruct others on how to do the same thing. You will know when I am ready for you. There will be many who will let you know. In the meantime, I will distribute this letter and your to your many enemies who most likely will be very interested in your response, if any.

(Original copy of the above letter in draft)

Pastor: Paul Sheehan’s Response… I was so encouraged by the Lies, Error and Hypocrisy of this nutter I wanted to help him share his lunacy to further my blessing and expose him as the malicious liar he is. To start with, here is the vid that started this ‘so called’ Professional Psychologist frothing at the mouth, most certainly a perfect vid for the money loving mobsters of ‘GOD TV’ ..

To : Mr Vokara … the so called Clinical Psychologist …

To hear that you are (or claim to be) a Clinical Psychologist is evidence enough to me that you lack God’s Wisdom, you couldn't possibly think you are a True Disciple of the Christ and let me add, ‘Your Opinion’ means Squat to me and those associated with me, so we are off to a honest start.

What you do with your Dribble Talk is your business .. It doesn't bother me who you send your letters to, only fools listen to Gossip and only Idiots promote it.. You can send your letters to the Ungodly Queen Elizabeth of England if you want .. Or the Hell bound Pope Francis 1. Whoever you send your muck to, they are as you are, if they believe it… Click

Let me enlighten you on your words of Slander. There is no 'Mental Institution in Australia' that has my name Registered at their Hospital as a Patient, ever, in the 56 years I have lived on planet earth. That is just wishful thinking on your behalf you poor thing, (how sick are you) I feel sorry for you.
Because you and Mr Hart have sown bad seed, you naughty boys, and your harvest time will come, it must come, it’s an infallible-principle of Almighty God-Jesus the Christ and this I have taught to all my students Worldwide for decades .. Click

If you can officially prove (with legal, official, documented evidence) that I have been a patient in any Mental Institution in Australia or any other country of the world, I will give you or any other money lover $10,000 cash in hand $100 bills. Well, hop to it sunny, you have a big job ahead of you. And remember,falsified defamatory documents is fraud and a jailable offense… whoops!

Everyone, even my enemies are waiting (in vain) for you to justify your Accusation, O, child of the Devil. Here is your big chance, or are you going to leave everyone concluding without reasonable doubt that you are a Malicious Liar like Tim Hart and of your father the Devil, the father of every lie
…. MMM.

Hence, someone is a Liar and someone is propagating a Lie, aren’t they Mr PH D. So what honest Godly person could rely on the word of a so called Dr. Vokara/PH D or a nobody like Tim Harts. Let me give you the answer.. Not One!. If a billion UnGodly’s believe you it’s sweet, it’s OK with me.

So you, Mr. Dumbo Psychologist are deluded and are accountable for Defamation of Character at present, as is Tim Hart the Slanderer who you copied the Lie from off the Illusive-Internet .. The Devil-Satan is a Liar and the Father of Every Lie... Have a lovely weekend and God bless. All the best with your Slander and enjoy your mud in India. By the way, what UNI did you get your PH.D from, or have you lied about that too, do you even have a PH D.

And if it’s OK, just one more thing.. You say your parents watch ‘GOD TV’.. with all ‘OUR’ (yours and their) favourites on there, the only Ministers on ‘GOD TV’ are the GOD-LESS HELL BOUND MINISTERS, so now we know all we - I need to know about our Clinical Psychologist .. what a joke!.. ‘GOD TV’ .. are you serious? It takes about one and a half seconds to say GOD TV, that is as long as it takes me to assess your true-heart condition and character .. Lost. As soon as you said you were a Victim-Fan of ‘GOD TV’ I never even bothered to tax my Discernment .

Messianic Doctrine = THE UNLIMITED PERFECT SPIRIT OF ALMIGHTY GOD … ref/Romans 8:13,14.

I know who will come out on top in this situation and it won't be you… :D
Pastor: Paul Sheehan
Romans 8:28
Postscript .. I have never met a Psychologist yet who wasn't Pig headed, Arrogant, Deluded, a Liar and full of Pride, after all, you are of Indian extraction aren’t you, so you say anyway... (On Googling your name, we found no such person in Clinical practise, you may be more sick than we thought). You know what a fraud is don’t you and you should know what an impostor is too…. MMM.
Notice: My final word for now is, I challenge you Mr Vokara (if that is your name) to come out from behind your keyboard and be a man for once in your life. Seeing as you are ‘supposedly’ Mr Jetsetter, come to Brisbane City (if you are not already here) and tell me to my face what you said here in your letter and I will gladly do likewise.

Things to bring with you are .. Legal Documented Hospital Evidence of your Satanic Accusations and as many of your Intellectual - Boyfriends as you want. I will be shouting the Coffee-Tea, Lunch.

I don’t really expect to see your ugly face but I throw out the offer anyway so that people can see yet again that you are just another Weasle hiding behind a plastic keyboard threatening people you don’t know with twisted information and gossip from a Weasle Web Site… (I will understand if your Fly Buys have run out)

Mr Vokara, your Inability to justify and substantiate your cheesy accusation of me as a patient @ a Mental Institution @ any given time in my life will in turn automatically declare ‘ALL’ your words and the words of your partner in crime from the ‘Tim Hart-Weasle Website’ inaccurate, unreliable, untrustworthy, unfounded and nothing but Twisted Malicious Gossip endeavouring to hinder an Anointed Minister of the Doctrine of the Christ. Yet failing miserably and exposing your own Mental Instability and hatred of the truth to the world in the process. This web site has visitors from 198 countries logging on… neat hey…. (so our independent stats company quote)..

Hence, vengeance will be taken by God Himself on my behalf against both of you, as holy script states. It’s not for me to take vengeance, this article is simply to put the books straight, savvy? Unless of course you both come to your senses and Repent of your lying tongues, with a public apology. God never promised liars that their enemies would be made their footstool either, you are deluded to believe such a lie. I wash my hands of you both today in the hearing of all who have read this article without partiality.. ref/2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

Attention all Truth Lovers.. After I received the mad Doctors abuse report/email, I received a phone call from a brother in the Faith out at Mt Isa, Qld .. the very next day. Unbeknown to him/Brother Horvath, that I was being attacked and slobbered over the night before by an email-messenger of Satan, Brother Horvath said, prophesied the following.. ..
Pastor Paul, I rang to encourage you, yeah, I just wanted to remind you of the first time I set foot in your Church in Brisbane City back in July 1999 or thereabouts.

I will never forget the Power that you spoke the ‘Word of God’ with and the beautiful sweet smelling aroma that was coming from the Pulpit that day. I was breathless, I could barely sit in my chair I was so overpowered by the Anointing in the Hall that day, God Almighty was all over me. It was from that day until now August 2013 that I have always believed that you are a ‘True Anointed Man of God’ with many adversaries, foes. I consider myself honoured to be your Disciple… Click

But these enemies of yours will not stand, although they gnash their teeth at you they shall fall one by one in Jesus Name. God has awesome exploits for you to do in His Name Pastor, just remain faithful and it will all come together for you and your house”… Click

Brother: Paul Horvath,
Disciple of the Christ and JTCM-Mission, Australia.