Just One day!
(I have not the time or paper to tell all.)

This week was a week that warmed the cockles of my little heart a real.....good shepherd type week........let me explain.....

It was what the world calls......fathers day on the 050904....and I was unctioned to give a can of baked beans (my favourite) to the husband of a sister in our fellowship/church.

Man alive!!!!....this man then made for our family (cheerfully and willingly) a big old stew and wasn't she a beauty we got around one dozen bowls out of it and we thanked Father for his care once again.....(click here).

After receiving and eating the stew I was on the city side walk in Brisbane City early preaching,, when a young man came to me with breakfast, Father knows I love my sausages too especially with fried onions and tomatoes. This young man insisted on me having a freshly cooked Aussie Dog.....I didn't knock him back.....(click here)

I had no sooner eaten the dog when another bloke came along and bought me a coke. I then had another man come along and offer to get me a burger. I tell you dear reader, the lord is my shepherd!....How about you?

No, it hasn't ended yet,
there's more....I was at a supermarket the very same day and I went to get a bottle of milk and the woman standing beside the fridge said....."take a flavoured milk too, free of charge". Well, I just sang even louder.....'tis so sweet to trust in Jesus!....(click here).

This is just one day in a preachers life. Every day for the past 17years I have seen Father operating in my life in all sectors. No, I have no need to sell Fathers words, oracles. I don't doubt him that he called me and that he is faithful to meet my call as a watchman in the city of Brisbane and the country of Australia.

I boast not about the content or cost but about Fathers perfect timing, supernatural provision and his personal care for his own. No dear reader neither our church, family or I tithe we are in the substance not the shadow. We are in the zenith with him, the secret place....(click here)......we are his children not boarders....Re: John 16:13.

This little testimony is the common,
expected and interesting, joy filled, personal, loving walk I have with Father by the power of holy ghost my comforter. You may have heard me say this before.....Grace is content with anything, nature is content with little but lust is content with nothing.
  • Grace is content with anything all because he, Jesus is there, can you say with me a big...amen!!!...(click here)...Romans 5:2....hello?
If you would only believe and cease struggling with your religious marketing, buying and selling, lying and cheating.....then you will see his glory. (a word for the churches in Australia)

Unprofitable Servant
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Luke 17:10
(Click here).
P.S. Yes!.........they cleaned me out of the literature, audio, books, CD's, etc........as every other day. I go to plough the field.