"The Land of Double Standards and Colonialism - Imperialism



With accusations and deliberate abuse, absolute devilish taunts and threats being hurled at the human being, yes he is a human being, 'Dennis Ferguson' it is hard to believe that the people of Australia aren't fully-fledged-hypocrites and two faced cowards. Talk about cast the first stone ye who have not sinned.....

I include all media/TV-radio presenters who have joined the hunt with the vigilante vultures. Although Mr. Ferguson has a paedophile record and a very vicious one at that, he has served his jail time and has not been caught in such depravity since his release, (not that anyone is aware of) he is still being treated as or even less than most peoples animals/pets. Is this the Aussie way?...it is certainly not the 'way' of the Christ Jesus who forgives us our sins if we repent/turn from that particular sin. All have/past tense, sinned and fallen short of the expectations of God/Jesus the Christ. However, because of the blood of the lamb/Jesus we no longer have to go on in our sin/sins. Good News has come to all...you don't have to live in sin any longer and if you do you slight the offering for your sin...Jesus, this is damnable...Acts 3:23, John 3:19, Hebrews 10:28-30....click.

Only recently in the news/September, we all heard about the 5 Police Officers who were caught red handed with 'Child Porn' on their computers, these are supposedly our minders. Where are the threats, publications of names, vigilante abuse, where is the public running these cops out of their neighbourhood or are there double standards in this country. "The Great South Land of Filth, Double Standards and Injustice', a real Sodom and Gomorrah. Many Australians own bibles, some with crests on them but how many 'do' bible?...click.

Mr. Ferguson like our policemen friends are the same...they are sick in their minds and need help not abuse, vigilante torture or to be treated like animals and vagabonds. The words I am speaking are not heard on the TV-radio-neighbourhood gossip lines, all because they are but hypocrites and condemners, evil at heart. The pot calling the kettle black....click

And it is no different in the churches either, adulterers and adulteresses, which in God's Eyes is no better. .Shame on you Ferguson!...but unbeknown to most they are no different at heart maybe worse if that is at all possible. Love, forgiveness and unity is usually on the lips of most of them till the mud hits the fan and then 'the true colours come shining through' and that is why I despise such peoples and so does Jesus the judge of the human race, Jesus says that the hypocrite will receive a more stricter judgement than the infidel. Did you know that Jesus will even judge Mohammed the (false) prophet?.......click.

Whether it be the juvenile delinquent, the murderer, rapist, thief, drug runner, terrorist, immoral church leaders (paedophile), crooked cops, magistrates, lawyers, real estate agents, business peoples or others, surely there is a governing system that can ascertain an appropriate penalty and therapy for these sick ones. These are sick with that ancient sickness of old, which manifests in multiple forms (among every walk, gender, religion, race, status, colour and nation of the earth) yet all have the same rotten (devilish) roots ...sin!...(the self righteousness of the devil himself)....click.

Australians, check your hearts,, have a real good look at yourselves (and the words of the holy bible) and who knows you may see others a little differently. Sin is sin, no matter what the deed  and Jesus says that "if any man or woman hurt the children they best commit suicide, for their life is not worth living, for Jesus is going to come looking for them (not a sinful man or woman)"....Ref: Matthew 18:6 selah....click
● Love is the greatest of all !!!!!!....LIVING IN OBEDIENCE to the VICTOR......EMMANUEL!
Declaring the truth without partiality.
Pastor Paul Sheehan/17.9.2009 .. click

(call for our book today.."A More Excellent Way", surely a book for a time period such as this). Also, if the axe (the truth) is not laid to the root (sin problem) we go on in a never-ending circle of devastation, ending in eternal hell-fire.