"Let Us Reason"

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    A Departure From Sound Doctrine

    "More often people depart from the truth because they did not have sound doctrine as their basis, so their living becomes affected. We preach with our life but not our life only words need to be spoken".
Comment by JTCM
  • They certainly do, so let me (speak) ask the question......."How can a person have the truth and not sound doctrine"?.......click
  • And "how can anyone attempt to tell other pastors what to do while they themselves are confused"?......click

    This is no doubt something to think about in the new year/2007 and maybe and could be even a sign of Father tightening the 'belt of truth' across the globe, no holds barred and no punches pulled of course.....click.

    Come to think of it Mr. Oppenheimer has quite a few articles that resemble those on JTCM/FIRE AND HAMMER.....ref/pleading the blood of Jesus and the crossless christianity number.......click.... ..click.

    * Let Us Reason Ministries.....Bible Doctrine?Doc38, Doc23.

    Mike is another that likes to uphold the Santy Season, after all we don't want to have people thinking that we're radicals, hence we could be very disadvantaged in this new age world with the 'New Age Jesus' being so well accepted. Could even end up being crucified as the Jesus of old was, rejected and despised, spat on, laughed at, taken to court and even to the place where they (that call themselves christian) hide from you as it were.......click.

    JTCM hopes that all readers and viewers of this web site have an eye opening year in 2007 and most of all a year that would be heavily laden with honesty......click.

    Appearing poor to the worldling peoples but making many rich.
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Galatians 1:10