(man's way or God's way?.....do you do it your way?)
The ways of men and women seem right in their own eyes but the way thereof is death. We as humans like to fool ourselves into thinking that we have the answers to the human races problems and destiny but we don't. And the honest of heart would agree....click.

We have every day mentionable in the earth today. There are days for this, that and the other but what ever happened to the day of repentance, salvation?. Repent and follow Jesus!

Lately we had 'harmony' day, represented by an orange ribbon pinned on the blouse, shirt or garment. Dear reader, a ribbon of any colour pinned on clothing will never break the wicked, evil, satanic curse of 'racism'. Racism is sin and evil.

Racism is basically sin, hatred toward certain races, colours, nations. Racism can only be dealt with the very same way all sin is dealt with....repentance!.......click.

Pinning ribbons to oneself is no answer to racism. Or we may say that if a person has a problem stealing bananas hence let us all go about with bananas pinned to our clothing that we may fight, stop, put an end to the banana thief. No, let the one banana thief, the racist, the prostitute, the liar, the child molester.....let them all repent, be delivered, forgiven and saved from hell fire eternal (if they continue on in his, Jesus goodness......Romans 11:22)....click.

Save your ribbon money for the starving children of the world, save your humanistic wisdom and let God/Jesus, give you wisdom that deals with all issues once and for all. Amen.....click.

The people at the tower of Babel were in harmony, one accord, unity unprecedented but still had no harmony with God/their maker. The people were simply labouring in vain.....Genesis 11:1-9 .... .................click.

Jesus came to bring a sword/his word, not peace!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Matthew 10 : 32-42 

Note: Just for the records I am a white Australian and I married an Asian/Filipino ......click.