A man asked me one day where I lived and my reply was "I live in faith street, hope avenue in the city of Love/Ahavah".............selah. I left (fled from) the twin towers of 'Negative and Positive' when I was born a 2nd time.

When we live, abide in 'the faith' we live 'by faith' and when we abide 'in the faith' and live 'by faith' we have hope that does not disappoint because we are abiding in his love by the power of holy ghost........Romans 5:1-5, John 14:23.......click.

We miss the road of love/ahavah/agape love entirely when we have not the true, bonafide doctrine of the Christ, he the Christ will not reveal his love to the rebellious and the unrepentant, it is for the believer/obedient ones......John 3:16.

Creflo Dollar and all the other dollar dazzlers of the USA, pentecostal low esteem club forever talk about love and even about being baptised in love yet they......peddle the words of the holy bible.......click.

James Robison of the 'Life Show' humanist come fund raiser interviewed Creflo Dollar on his show recently where Creflo (humbly) handed over a $50,000/US cheque for the 'Life Show', mere shavings from Mr. Dollar's coffers..... .......Luke 21:1-4.

A real show of the flesh and pride of unconverted men and women if ever there was one. Reference, the advice, teaching and command of the Christ which says "When you do a charitable deed do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing"....Do not!......Do not!.......Creflo.....Matthew 6:3.

Mrs. Joyce Meyer is another one who operates by the power of suggestion, soul power, with her advert screening an afro-American male waking up in the morn, departing from a rather comfy little dwelling with a manicured lawn to face the big ugly day, of life in America. As this male leaves to head off, he is screened by the camera of Mrs. Meyer Ministries writing out a chunky cheque (Matthew 6:3) for Joyce and Dave then suddenly people start popping up all over the manicured lawn as he makes his way out the door and deposits his cheque in the mail box.. All nationalities are there crying out to the fro saying thanks!......thanks!......thanks!. It is then that the afro-American gets revelation of where that monies is (supposedly) heading. Hello????????????......like dar!

Spare me please, it is heartbreaking to see what so called 'faith people' get up to in order to get a buck to build their empire not to mention the lies that are told along the way I just can't picture Jesus, Peter, Paul or John the baptiser operating in such a manner.......click.

Creflo Dollar says that once the people see that you have the bucks $$$$ to help them, educate them, support them and give them a breakthrough into a better life, (simply followings for the bread-John 6:26) they will then want to know 'your Jesus'. That's very generous of them isn't it?.......loving too. Certainly a little out of plumb with the 2 coined widow, the poverty stricken Smyrnaites and the hungry, thirsty apostle Pablo.................. 1 Corinthians 4:11, 2 Corinthians 2:17.

Creflo may be king of the silver dollar but I read in my bible that the king of kings told people outright, to their face, that he (the King of all Kings that ever existed) had nothing, not a pillow, bed, mattress, sleeping bag or a hole in the ground to crawl into. Then messiah said to these people without saying a word......"do you still want to follow me"????????... Matthew 8:18-22.

Even Saddam Hussein had a hole in the ground to crawl into. 

Could Mr. Dollar's attitude, teaching, understanding and proclamation of Jesus Christ be true or false?... I Say the latter, false, for the simple reason no person can come to salvation until they come to see that they owe God everything and God owes them nothing but eternal hell-fire.......click.

● What will it be for you dear reader?.....rest in peace or rest in torment for ever and ever.......Isaiah 50:11.
The grateful are humble and the humble are grateful!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Luke 17:10

P.S..... Have you humbled yourself to the place where you think as the Christ thinks and speak as the Christ said to speak?...........1 Peter 4:11.

Do you say what messiah said to say to all people you come in contact with........."I am an unprofitable servant"........Luke 17:10.

● If you are going to be anyone in God/and be saved, you must learn the language of the lamb......click.