‘SALVATION THROUGH SELF’… an End Time arrangement (with the Devil) that multitudes flock to.. Click
The following is a response from a die-hard Roman Catholic on the article that we posted on our web site on the 13.9.2013 relating to ‘Pope Francis publicly teaching that people don’t need to ‘Know God in order to be Saved By God and Go to Heaven-Fathers House’.. ref/John 14:1-6 … Click

'Papa with his Golden Cup'
Revelation 17:4
Dear Paul …

First of all, you ask me if the God of Christians forgives ‘One who doesn’t Believe and Doesn’t seek The Faith’. Premise that – and it’s the Fundamental thing – the Mercy of God Has No Limits if one turns to him with a sincere and contrite heart ..

The question for one who doesn’t Believe in God… ‘Lies in Obeying One’s Conscience’. Sin, also for those who don’t have Faith, exists when one goes against One’s Conscience.

To listen to and to Obey it means, in fact, to decide in face of what is perceived as good or evil. And on this decision pivots the goodness or malice of our action…

Mr. Phil Eid (Lebanese-Roman Catholic Elder in waiting).. Fiori Café - Coffee Shop, Kenmore, Brisbane… (sent from my iPhone) 14.9.2013 Click
My critique of the above ‘Papal Theological Shambles’ is as follows.
I didn’t ask Mr Eid anything, I simply sent him the article..

‘Pope Francis and one of his multi-million deluded followers Mr Eid are promoting a message of ‘Salvation through Self’ (another Jesus with another Spirit) which is No Salvation at all. No better than Hinduism or any other eastern Religion, finding it all within oneself… ref/John 15:5.

Salvation belongs to Lord Jesus the Christ and not any degenerated human Conscience or Religion. Jesus says that Faith comes by hearing His Word and that few find the Narrow Gate, mainly because few are looking for the Narrow Gate-The Truth.

You could say, their Self-Life, Self-Preservation attitude gets in the way, they love themselves and their Sin more than Jesus. Pope Francis Theology says that a Sinner can rely on their ‘Seared Conscience and Stoney Heart’ to guide them to the Pearly Gates, it’s absurd isn’t it, wicked in the true sense of the word. No mention of Jesus in the equation whatsoever, who’s He?

Satan absolutely loves this kind of theology, it’s filled seats in ... Cathedrals, Temples, Synagogues and Religious Venues Worldwide with Hell Bound Peoples for centuries. Just ask ‘Mother Teresa the deceased-deceiver’ who wrote many a book (that has gone out Worldwide for a price) on how All Religious Roads lead to Heaven.

Papa Francis theology is a fine example of the One World Church, Ecumenicalism, Universalism, Demonic Wisdom and Humanism all in the one package called Unbelief. Holy Writ makes it clear to all that are willing to be taught by the Christ that ‘Unbelief is Evil’ and Jesus sentences all Sinners-Unbelievers, (churched or not), Traitors and False Teachers to Eternal Hell Fire. Whether we desire to believe that or not, it still IS... For it is Written!. 1 Peter 1:24,25.
Can we really expect anything better from a Religion that is buried up to their eye balls in Scapulars, Crucifixes, Lavish Gowns/Attire, an Obsolete Priesthood, Statues, Vile-Secrecy, Indulgences for Sin and Souls in a Mythical Purgatory, Salvation by Proxy, Praying for the dead and visiting the dead at grave sites, the Worship of the Eucharist + Statues + Humans-living and dead, Canonising dead people as Saints who lived their lives in Sin to the end, Stigmata’s, False humility, Worldwide-Paedophilia, Rape, Torture, Sodomy, Lesbianism and Money Laundering, Infallible Popes, Salvation by Works, Popes (Unsaved Sinful Men) posing as Vicars-Christ on earth and the promotion of a God who has a Mother and their worst abuse and most damnable Sin would have to be Continuous False Doctrine through the ages and leading people astray. Not to mention the other 1,000 lies of the RCC over the centuries up to this very day… Man Alive!.. what a track record, certainly not Holy… Click
In Summary: The Roman Catholic Church, at least the Head of the RCC-Pope Francis 1 teaches people to be a Law Unto Themselves. As the old saying goes .. Show me your Law and I will show you ‘Your God’. In this case it is ‘Self - Ones Conscience’ God-Jesus the Christ’s Judgment, Counsel or Advice is not necessary, wanted or promoted. Hence all will soon be able to sing safely in the Churches and Outside by the permission of Papa Francis .. I am Lord!.. as opposed to the truth ,which is …“He-Jesus is Lord”.
At the end of the day .. There is Salvation to the Uttermost for no man or woman without bearing fruit worthy of God allowing us to Repent then True Repentance, bearing fruit befitting that Repentance, Full submerging in water, Believing in (obeying) the Christs Full Counsel, up to the Light-Knowledge one has and then Continuing on in The Doctrine/Faith of the Christ-keeping the Faith unto death or His Coming, whatever comes first … Click

Saved by Grace through Faith (both God given not of self)

Pastor Paul Sheehan.
JTCM-Mission, Brisbane ..

Ephesians 2:8, Mark 16:14-16, Romans 2:5-16, Hebrews 3:12-15, Jude 5.