SMITH WIGGLESWORTH........was known as a plumber, evangelist, miracle worker and a man of faith.
I have heard many stories about Smith Wigglesworth by many people who associated themselves with him and his ministry but how many of their stories were true I don't
Only recently yet another story concerning Wigglesworth has popped up on the religious scene in Australia and it involves Mr. Danny Nalliah and a Pastor Norm Armstrong a Pentecostal-charismatic-ecumenical pioneer of the 70's, born in NSW in 1917 and may I add that Norm had some kind of affiliation with Oral Roberts. Things are not looking good and the AOG have a connection here too. I think you better take a seat dear reader

Oral Roberts the evangelist from the USA.......was the man who jumped on American TV and said that if he didn't have 4.5 Million USD given to him within a certain period of time (days) God was going to kill him. It was said that a multi-millionaire, Jerry Collins from Florida who donated 1.3 million USD to Robert's do-or-die plea reckoned...."Roberts needed psychiatric help and that he just wanted to help the education sector"

A dear brother of mine in the faith Brother Donald Wilson once told me of Smith and that his (Donald's) dad Pastor: William Wilson also walked with Smith Wigglesworth for a season in the ministry of the Christ in New Zealand. Going by what Brother Donald told me of Smith, I am led to believe that Wigglesworth wouldn't give Danny Nalliah the time of day, given his religious belief and

Yet the story now goes that Norm Armstrong layed his hands on Danny Nalliah and transferred the mantle and anointing that Wigglesworth spoke of to Armstrong decades ago. The strange thing is as one critic said.......that this remarkable story was never mentioned in the journal of Mr. Norm Armstrong ref/

Apparently Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries-Victoria is now going to be the "Fair-Haired-Boy of Christendom Worldwide"......according to the latest prophecy of Mr. Armstrong who is around 95 years old and looking a little weary. Norm may have been having a seniors moment when he said this to Nalliah. Yes, Norm says that Danny is going to lead the Greatest Revival the World has ever seen. Norm reckons that Danny is a man who bows his knee to no one but God. Are you for real Norm?'re not having a seniors moment are you?

But I say, have a look at this track record for a so called no-compromise-church leader and then tell me that this bloke Nalliah is for real.....'A MAN OF GOD'.....and a man that is going to lead Australia and the World into a Spiritual Revival Unprecedented......God help us......ref/Matthew 24:37, 38.

The Daniel Nalliah......Honesty, Truth and Humility Check List....... .................

Pastor: Paul Sheehan

Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission
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Postscript.....Let me bring to mind another article I read on a World -Web Evangelical Information Centre about Smith Wigglesworth prophesying over a Dave Duplessis (an ecumenical man who embraced RC Priests as brothers in Christ) in Africa in 1936......which was just about identical to what Armstrong said about shabby can you get. Someone's lying or they are all lying and Satan the devil is the father of lies. Scripture says that (unrepentant) liars will burn in the lake of fire eternally. Either that is true or God is a liar......ref/Revelation 21:8, 27......Selah.

Let us all remember and never forget this one thing.....The Harlot (Roman Catholic) Church will be the Harlot/Prostituting Assembly to the very end. Most probably with more members than you can imagine, given that there are and will be more, many more denominations cuddling up to Big Mumma (The Mother Church) as the days go by and monies take