'How Many Want God To Use Them'
????? put your hand up, come out the front.

By Pastor Paul Sheehan/Jesus the Christ Ministries.......www.fireandhammer.com

I have always smelt a rat with this kind of language, it's always smelt like those words of the sorcerer Simon which are found in the writings of the book of Acts.......

GIVE ME THIS POWER ALSO THAT ANYONE ON WHOM I LAY HANDS MAY RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT.....REF/ACTS 18:19...................................................SELAH.

I don't find 'how many want to be used of God' in the new testament script, do you?...we don't find any apostle, evangelist, prophet, pastor or God asking such a question to anyone. So where does it come from?............click.

This particular quote is used (and nearly worn out may I say) by Mr. Ben Hinn and the likes, ref/Meyer, Savelle, Schuller, Duplantis, Price, Copeland, Youssef, Times Square Church, Pennycostals and Evangelicals, Roman Catholics and Word-Faith (fakes) / Kingdom - Now, positive/negative Theological Thinkers across the globe, long before I was even brought from my mother's womb. Some are even deluded into thinking that this 'quote' is honorable to God, surely religion's way not holy ghost's.

But what lurks behind this quote has nothing to do with honesty or humility but reeks of the exaltation of humans, the one speaking and the one listening. It certainly has no resemblance to the calls, ordinations, credentialing and appointments in holy writ, not that I can see anyway, so beware of men and women. Yes, there are a multitude of peoples out there today who have been churched, cloned and hoodwinked into thinking and believing that God is waiting for their OK to use them as vessels of honor or even dishonor in some cases....ref/Romans 9:21-24....click.

Hence, many deluded peoples have left the altars of Christendom (Baal) with visions of grandiose, self importance, bolstered egos and inflated self esteem, only to find down the road that to be used by God is not always a pleasing thing to the flesh, social life, community rating or self, neither is it something we put our application form in for, as the brothers of King David, the Jews of saint Paul's time and the priests of saint Amos's time frame soon found out. Surely reminiscent of the hype and false prophecy spoken over treasurer - Peter Costello's life by an AOG pastor, who calls himself a prophet...Mr. Danny Nalliah. Could you imagine a true prophet of Yahweh being nominated for Australian (Hebrew) of the year award?....click...Selah......click.

Besides, God calls, according to scripture...he doesn't invite us to such an honor. As always the churched peoples are calling themselves and the shots, accommodating and playing up to the pride and flesh/carnal thinking of men and women (with their credential cards and denominational screenings) who are destitute of the truth and holy ghost. God calls and if we don't answer the call he simply moves on....ref/man whose dad died, the apostles and the light that shone in the darkness but they loved their sin more than the (truth/Christ's Way) light...Matthew 8 : 21, 22, 9:9, John 3:19.

Whether it be salvation or the ministry, God calls, it's not a case of 'now, what shall I be' or wow, I'd like to be in authority or in the spotlight or seen by people or I'm important, no, the "Who wants to be used of God" quote is dangerous, deceptive, illusive and loaded down with pride and self, Jesus is not in it....click.

Ben Hinn said recently on TV..."If the presence of God leaves you, the power of God will destroy your life"...but Ben and virtually all if not all of his associates say that God/Jesus will never leave those who have been born again 'once upon a time'. This quote absolutely contradicts his teaching and the belief of  'once saved always saved/absolute predestination/salvation by election'. God/Jesus the Christ will never leave his faithful, loyal saints, this is true but the stipulation is 'loyal'. However it is peoples who choose sin (to go on in known sin) other ways/doctrines than his, then eventually finding themselves perishing-withering, barren - a cloud without water, destitute - lonely and cast off, poor - in the riches of honesty, truth and humility, wretched - without heavenly happiness, blinded - to their own sin, without oil/holy ghost leadership, running with another Jesus, not in the body/church of the Christ but in fellowship and agreement with doctrines promoted by demonic/devilish spirits residing in the Harlot Church herself.....The One-World Church/The Ecumenical Church. Snugly tucked away inside the mega religious camp of the traditions and  commands of wanton men and women, loved indeed by the media, the unrepentant sinners and all who despise the exclusive doctrine of the Christ Himself....God help this wicked world, if it be at all possible that they may themselves find it in their own heart to repent....Jesus says, will I find any faithful to me/my teaching when I come again.....Amen.

7th October 2009 (don't forget to pass this message on)