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Have you yet 'sorry' said to Him
Who our sins cruelly nailed
Upon the tree that awful day
-the heart of man unveiled!

'Twas serpent's bite, which Jesus took -
the venom given in Eden,
That we might be, from sin set free,
and candidate for heaven.
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So have you to our Lord confessed...
your sinful self revealed,
As seen by His all-searching eye,
that cleansed it be and healed.

For Christ's shed blood, it still avails
to make the foulest clean...
Those who repent, believe (receive),
love sight unseen.
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Then it remains: a big 'thank You...
My life to You I give'...
For self not given to the Lord,
means we in sin yet live!

And sin we dare not tolerate,
though 'church' thinks otherwise!
Why! nail my Lord again to tree?
as though hell was my prize!
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But shame on such a thought as this,
as to Him I belong.
No longer Satan lives within,
But Christ, my life and song!

And then like those of olden times,
one thousand tongues I crave,
To praise Him Who for heeders came,
from sin and pit to save!
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Author / Brother Donald Wilson
PH: 0438 160 137

(Suggested scripture readings - Romans 6:13, 14-23, 1 John 1:3-6, 2 John 1:6, 2 Thessalonians 1:8, Matthew 7:13, 14)......selah!