Dear Pastor Paul ….
I have a testimony for you to encourage you. It’s about my passenger on my TriCycle that I use for part time monies – work in the Philippines.

I helped these people because blood was coming out of the boy’s mouth. There was two cousins and they never knew what to do with the bleeding boy... I said to them don't panic... I will deliver you in the Medical Center where we can get an Ambulance. You know what Pastor, what the Spirit of God said to me ..” Pray for them and put your hands on the boys head”. So I did it!


I never tried my best. I took Faith in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ for Healing. And then I said to the two cousins of the bleeding boy, pray for him and trust in the Lord ...

After I'm finished praying the boy was transferred in the Ambulance. You know what Pastor, God done a Miracle. A few days after I happened to run into the driver of the Ambulance and spoke to him. He told me about what happen. The boy that I transferred in the Ambulance never made it to the Hospital. The Ambulance got a flat tyre. I couldn’t believe it but it happen that way.

That was the will of God. And after all what happen I saw the boy again and he is good now. And we talked together, I said to him “God gave you a chance to live on” and he thanked me. And then I said to him don't thank me, the Lord Jesus the Christ – God, healed you!. Not me. God used me only to do the job .. (Matthew 10:8 … I love this Message)
Heal the Sick, cleanse the Lepers, raise the Dead, cast out Demons. Freely you have Received, freely Give… ref/Matthew 10:8.
To God be the Glory... Dayawon!
Brother: Ronilo Margen
JTCM-Mission, Bacolod City, Philippines