CLICK Pierce, Hinn, Munsey, Ray and Roberts
(all tarred with the same
  • Chuck Pierce Prophesies......Texas. U.S.A.
While on the Ben Hinn Show late October 2005, Chuck gave a word (what he calls prophecy) regarding the U.S.A, Ben Hinn and the people of God and coming

There was one outstanding feature of the entire prophecy that caught my eye, his face was as red as a tomato while he vehemently suggested his lines. Maybe he has blood pressure, he could always give Jordan Rubin a ring I

As usual Ben (single handedly) is said to be raising up people to take states and nations along with their heads of state for the ride of their life but only after they give their best $$$ so that God may give his

Chuck, like most if not all word-faith, kingdom Now, Promised Land Now, Manifested Sons of God Now theology....."Call It To Themselves" you would call a dog to its bowl of dog biscuits. Oral Roberts and Ken Hagin/deceased being grand-daddies of this brand of christianity. And more fool they who lap up such

As I zeroed in on this Chuck Pierce character I perceived a touch of Mr. Munsey in this man's voice and concept, if you know what I

Chuck also believes that Hinn was and is responsible for ministering to the body of the Christ whereas I differ there and I believe Hinn ministers to Christendom and the body of the Christ would not and could not entertain Hinn's blasphemies for one meet.

Which is a growing and strong deception and women dressed as church leaders with all the bells, whistles and little theatre trappings speaking to large gullible groups of churched, unsaved from above peoples. Who will cry out with a loud voice on judgment day.......lord!....lord!....and the only reply they will get is.....'go away from me, (sin tolerant one) you lover of sin'

Given that, the church that the Christ is heading up and leading and in control of is but a remnant of holy people set apart from and most definitely no part with 'The Mother of Harlots' and her prostituting daughters who hide under the cliché of 'where God guides God provides' while these very same peoples (the self deceived) are entrenched in the basic principles of the darkened world we are now in

Hence, Chuck, like his bedfellows is deluded even as all word-faith marketeers and let me include the so called apostle prophet Harold Ray (the late great Barry White look alike) with his diamond rings and wishful thinking yet another Hinn supporter.........Being a Hinn supporter gives the whole show away and makes all things naked and obvious.......Revelation

The holy bible tells all who are willing, to listen, that money, gold, silver, possessions and popularity are never part and parcel with true prophets, never have been and never will be.....Micah 3:11, 7:1-7, Acts 8:20.
  • Do you believe what Father says you are? unprofitable servant.
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Galatians 1:10, Luke 17:10