(only the faithful will have it)

CLICK What exactly is the ......'j'......factor and who are they that possess this other-worldliness attitude.....Hebrews 11:13-16.
  • The 'j' factor is none other than the Jesus Factor and only a few possess it so Jesus says anyway...............Matthew 7:14.
So what are the outstanding attributes, characteristics of these few who have the 'J' factor?.......(here are but a few) CLICK


1. ..These people are not friends of the world.
2. ..These people are prisoners of the Christ.
3. ..These people are servants at heart.
4. ..These people are hated by all - sinners.


5. ..These people are peculiar, strange, nothing like the worlds people and their  no means orthodox.         
6. ..These people all appear poor to the naked eye.
7. ..These people are seen as trouble makers in the world.
8. ..These people are not lovers of money or fame.
9. ..These people are givers not sellers, marketeerers.
CLICK 10. ..These people are holy/perfect (without known sin).
11. ..These people are rejected, despised and beaten.
12.  ..These people are clothed in humility not fine apparel.
CLICK 13. ..These people are chains, not sin.
14. ..These people are faithful hence without condemnation
15. ..These people are not plagiars but originators.
CLICK 16. ..These people are seen as the offscourge of the earth.
17. ..These people are contenders for Christs Doctrine/The Faith.
18. ..These people are those who act contrary to Caesars (the worlds) decrees     they are non conformists to the end.
CLICK 19. ..These people are mature and have departed actually forsaken Egypt/The     World and its dainties, lusts and vanity.
20. ..These people are not compromising cowards with tooth-less weed seed -         truth resistant theology....absolute predestination.
  • Let me say this as a concession....St Paul the apostle and servant of Jesus the Christ was one who dressed like the poor people - third world, he was in need of food and water he was bashed, punched, whipped, run out of town and he was a homeless man....1 Corinthians 4:11.

    St Paul had the 'J' you?
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    2 Corinthians 2:17
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