They Refused To Believe.

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(it was a hoax)

Recently we did an article about a Roman Catholic Church in Inala, Brisbane who were daring to claim miracles in the form of bleeding statues and they were attributing this deception to the increase of unity and attendances.

Australian National News/TV Stations reported 30.7.2004 that it was all found to be hoax and that the RC, Father who was responsible was not to be found. many refused to believe that they were deceived, lied to, cheated by the leader of this church while others still a little bewildered shuffle on....Colossians 2:8.

Once again the root of all this was (as normal in most churches today) the hunt for money $$$$. It was said that there was a DVD made of this hoax and then sold, on-line, the world web and elsewhere for a fee $$$...(click here).`

The monies of this deceptive project were apparently heading for a new building program, maybe a new building will draw the numbers. So we see yet again the extent that church leaders, (and their fans) will go to for buildings, numbers and an appearance of success.

As one man informed me some time back of a particular AOG church in Brisbane who built a multi-million dollar building and found that they soon ran out of money. Knowing that Casinos hold a certain amount of charitable monies they turned their eyes upon the Casino (looked full in their wonderful face) and went begging to Caesar, Egypt, The World you could say in hope of a hand this really Jesus style?

I am sure that people would find myriads of amusing, sad even shocking stories how churches and ministries in Australia and the world were built and funded amazingly enough all would be squeezes under the same heading (of course) .....................FAITH!

The moral of this story is simple...............Proverbs 16:8.
  • Better is a little with righteousness than vast revenues without justice.
God/Jesus, gives all people the opportunity to refuse the truth, daily.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
John 6:67, 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12.
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P.S. Encourage one another daily. clickgreen3.gif (1270 bytes)