(the correct light, is revelation- knowledge given by the only wise God-Jesus the Christ all the rest is dark – light with merely an appearance of Christ - Likeness yet conflicting with holy writ on every level)

This is how it should be ,this is how all Christians, saints, brethren of the Christ are to live but because of the powers of darkness, self-willed religions and the desperate times we now live in it has all changed. Just as Messiah said it would be ,after all, he is the truth, so he says and so I for one believe without question. The last –days church atmosphere will be as it was in the days of the prophet Noah..8 were willing to do it  his –Way, the way of holiness.

As I said it has all changed ..it is now ‘Up to the Might one has’..that worldling mindset of trying ones best, doing ones best, the American view is ..can we do it –yes we can - Barack the builder stuff, while the aussie translation is .."aving a go mate"!. Doing what one can, even if it works against the judgement of God on sinful, rebels regardless to the nationality. Ref/Romans 9:22, Isaiah 10:1-4, Ezekiel 9:1-11.

All of which is void of the Christ and the wonderfilled work he done at the tree on Mt Calvary. Yes, most churches and there followers in today's world are ..Mighty..in deeds and they don’t mind telling you either, real humble of them. But Jesus says ..it’s not by the might of men and women neither is it by the power of the dollar, euro or American but surprisingly enough it is ..By Holy Ghost Power!

Up to the light and up to the might are worlds apart as are heaven and hell-fire eternal and never the twain shall meet. Revelation- knowledge through the doctrine of the Christ and holy ghost power in fact cancel out our might and shows  us exactly how feeble we are outside of his/Jesus will and narrow way of doing things. For the might we now have is holy ghost might (if we are born of His spirit)…ref/Judges 6:12-14..selah.

Yes, there is a lot being done through church organizations today and pagan organizations alike (and both singing their own praises loudly) but the question still remains .. are they sent of the only wise God-Yahweh? And if not how futile the labour. Yes, many a house has been built in the earth and many a man has married a woman and woman a man and God/Jesus had nothing whatsoever  to do with it neither was he asked for his counsel on it..,He simply never called for it and if Yahweh doesn’t build the house and if Yahweh doesn’t join the man to the woman and woman to the man how vain it is and how tragic.

Men and women  tirelessly distributing a tainted presentation of the Christ’s Message in countless formats( ranging from paper to solar panelled radios ,satellites and phones) to literally millions worldwide and in return all these gulls are out there right now thinking they are saved from eternal hell-fire.’ . .doing their own  thing up to there own might and whim’.. sad isn’t it? They are on their way and they think that ‘s ok..they are not where they should be but they are not where they used to be ,they are in fact  stubborn and defiant,  stubbornness is no better than idolatry.. ref/1 Samuel 15:23...click

Especially when Jesus said and says ..I AM THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the entire intention of Father allowing us to have holy ghost to lead us ..that we may operate by his –light/doctrine, delighting ourselves in his-ways/scriptures, that our works, us and all things associated with us may count for something on the judgement day and most of all that we ..May be counted Worthy by Him-Almighty God…Luke 21:36.

Up to the light I have…Pastor Paul Sheehan…19th January,2010 ….Jesus the Christ Ministries –Mission…www.fireandhammer.com..