The 'Word' of the Woman
(John 4:39, 1 Samuel 6:7-13)

● Phillip a shop owner in a Brisbane suburb comes from Sudan and is an Egyptian Orthodox/Coptic in faith.

My wife and I were ministering the doctrine of the Christ/the gospel on the 7.8.2008 and my wife was standing directly outside Phillip's shop, a variety store and he came out to hear what sister Juvy was sharing and

Sister Juvy gave Phillip her testimony and also talked to Phillip about salvation as opposed to religions of men and women/roman catholicism

Phillip of Sudan was so excited and moved by what sister was saying he asked Juvy for literature, discs and tracts and then went inside his shop immediately to play the discs (The Witness and Blessed Be My God-Jesus).

Phillip was so blessed with the DVDs he started to call the public into his shop to watch and listen to the message.

He was walking in and out his shop trying to give people JTCM/tracts.

My wife came to me, for I was a little further down from her and she introduced me to Phillip. This man was so filled with joy and wonder he couldn't stop giving thanks and as we left he was replaying and replaying the two discs and still calling people into his shop.

The words of Mashiah never return void and Jesus knows all things and where everyone is.

We believe therefore we speak.....daily.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Luke 24:47, Mark 16:14-18


P.S Phillip has gone on our prayer list and DVD teaching distribution list.....Jeremiah 3:15.