Bible verse............This is not the voice of those who shout in victory nor is it the voice of those who cry out in defeat but......this is the voice of those who sing I hear...............ref/\Exodus 32:18.

.................COMMENT FROM THE PASTOR'S PEN......................


Maybe you are a pastor who is getting very tired of the congregation doing their own thing also and it is starting to anger you, hey!...come on, it's 2010. Take heed today to the word of Yahweh-God that is written here, so that you may not go in the way of the congregation of Pastor Moses. Aaron the high priest and brother of Moses did and so can we, ,if we don't obey the doctrine of the Christ........ref/ 1 Timothy 4:16........click.

Pastor Moses went to the top of the mountain to commune, inquire of and confer with God and on his return back to the church all he could hear was 'singing'. And they really had nothing 'of a sound mind' to sing about. It is a bit like the churches today in the world, 'singing' has become their theme and even their God in many cases, with promises of gold and silver-prosperity thrown in for security reasons.

Instead of people saying...."I choose to attend that church because the commands-the Ways of the 'Word of the Lord' are there" they now say....."I choose to attend that church because the singing-music is good, that's what I like....it's friendly too, no one judges their brother or sister there either......click.

Besides, we all love each other as 'we will' but our premier love is not for Jesus the Christ, no, for we have left our first love but that's OK, we have unity inside the church-building-tower (Babel) and God is Love, he understands all these things, way before we ever defiantly live in them, ongoingly, without any conviction or repentance of our denial of God and his Word.

It's just like Aaron was with the children of Israel, you know, like he really chilled out.........he didn't judge 'The Moses Church' neither did he restrain, hold back anyone from their wickedness, he just loved us. Until one day, when the opportunity knocked, it was an unanimous vote that 'The Moses Church' changed its name to 'The Cow Church' and we all sang joyfully.......Amazing Moo, how sweet the Cow that saved a (not so bad wretch) like me. Yes, these people were so happy that they were saved from the bible bashing Moses and from having to obey the Lord God Omnipotent (for God's Commands are such a Burden) that they 'sang and sang! and sang'....and it sounded so good that they began to think that maybe even a 'Sound' may have saved them out of bondage/Egypt......ref/Psalm 60:1-3, 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

What are you doing in your church today, is it a Moses type church (a church of deliverance) or is there a Cow at the helm (with strong-delusion and bondage-sin on every side).........ref/Exodus 32:25, 26, 2 Timothy 3:1-5......click.

And most of the singing is directed to self anyway. The glorification of abilities, composition, competition and performance, a singing and worship that would warrant plagues from God and grieve and anger any true spirit led Pastor-Prophet of the Christ....ref/Exodus 32:35.

There is nothing wrong with anger, we are told by God to 'be angry' but don't let the sun go down on your wrath anger. However, being angry has nothing to do with outbursts of wrath/anger over nothing that is not "Righteous Anger'. God himself got angry, this is witnessed in both the old and new testaments and he intends on getting angry again, so scripture tells us.....click.

So don't think you are of the devil if you get angry, ask yourself if your anger is a righteous anger... This display of God's Wrath will be unprecedented and unimaginable...ref/2 Peter 3:10-13, Revelation 6:12-17....Selah.

Let your love be without hypocrisy, hate what is evil, cling to the goodly thing....ref/James 3:17, Revelation 14:9-12, 2 Peter 3:10, 11, Ephesians 4:26.......click.

Did you know that I have never heard of or read in the holy bible where the Devil-Satan got angry.

But I have known so many mealy - mouthed ministers who put up a smiley-face and sweet words yet underneath there is a raging-wrath laying dormant. And they seem to fool all the people all the time, all but a remnant........ref/2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

This is very much applicable to the Roman Catholic Priests, Nuns and hypocrite denominational leaders, Baptists and Pentecostals at the top of the heap. At least this is what I have witnessed over a span of 23 years in ministry. Hear now what the lord says ......ref/Micah 6:1-8...........click.

Pastor Paul Sheehan

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