(St. Michael's Uniting Church and Obscene talk)
Referencing Sept/15/2008, Cleric Francis Macnab
   St. Michael's Uniting Church, Collins Street,
   Melbourne, Australia.........(ref: to Age newspaper only)

Dr. Macnab reckons that Abraham is most probably a concoction and a mass murderer.
Jesus was nothing but a jewish peasant who was by no means God, in fact there is no God in the usual sense of an interventionist deity.

The old faith/way is unbelievable, we need a 'new faith' that is more believable. St. Michael's is promoting a 'new faith' that is more believable, realistic and more helpful......2 Timothy 4:3, 4.

St. Michael's promoting will commence with a $120,000.00 campaign under the blinded eye of Barry Whalen the guru used by George Pell when he was RC Archbishop of Melbourne...(God help us and them).

Mr. Macnab's new thrust is all about searching not dogma, Macnab seeks.....good, tender and beautiful things which he says are found in Islam, Buddha, Judaism, the Hindu faith and christianity, (supposed christianity).

Macnab says Moses was a mass murderer and the ten commands were Moses' doing hence are they valid at all. Macnab has been at St. Michaels Uniting Church since 1971 and he is a noted psychotherapist and executive minister at SMUC.


I am sure Mr. Macnab's pews will be filled quickly with such a belief system, most certainly a 'New Faith for the 21st Century'. A polished example of positive-thinking if ever there was one. If the Uniting Church was 'of' the Christ they would have to expel such a heretic (immediately without question or debate) wouldn't they? That is if they are 'of' the Christ and his doctrine, let's wait and see. Watch and pray for he/the Christ comes quickly....Amen.

(Thanks to Courtney Fraser of Melbourne who spotted the obscenity in The Age Newspaper recently)

Warning and teaching the Christ's Doctrine
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Jeremiah 3:15, Colossians 1:28.

P.S. Please read Luke 8:21.