Pastor Paul …
Amazing that more people aren't checking out your … You Tube channel.. Juvy679

All christians should keep seeking that which is pure and good .. I guess you are from the land down under…. praise the LORD that HE has delivered you from hades.

If only people could see and hear that you preach in ‘Spirit and Truth’ unlike those who wish to man please and tickle ears …. Click

GOD will have contest with HIS people as you say, you bring good teaching brother.
Brother Stephen - United Kingdom ..
Comments on vid “Beware of Angry Watchmen” - Carter Conlon/ Times Square Church .. New York City .. USA .. sent to JTCM-Mission for perusal……

These Merchants/Hirelings always make videos to discredit whom God sends to expose their Religious 1/2 Truths and out and out Lies. Only The Spirit of Truth can keep you from the deceptions bible ministers spin with bibles. I have witnessed for decades how these bible sorcerers make bibles "say" what’s NOT in them. They are Profiteers who long ago ‘Deserted the Way of the Spirit & following Christ’ to be Bible Parrots for Hire. They are NOT of God but they are in league with Satan's ministers.
(Here are some of the many merchants who promote Calvinism and Carter Conlon/TSC .. Street Church Adelaide, Phil Powell-CWM and AusDisciples or Gospel Australia as they are called)…
Note by JTCM-Mission .. Moderation Restrictions, cyber Blocks and Failure Notices on Blogs/Emails are cowardice and dishonesty when it comes to critique and comment on Muslim, Jew, Christian Religion,Religions and issues concerning the Doctrine of the Christ … ref/Proverbs 11:1. It’s time for honesty, truth and humility, with Jesus as Preeminent …. Selah…. Click