Benny Hinn Ministries - Florida/USA....Ephesians 5:8-14.

Ben has had many a soul go after him in order to reveal and expose the deceitful and illusive ways of this religious man from the east. Ben is amongst and most probably the leading man in religious circles today who promises people health, wealth and deliverance from all ailments and demons once monies are directed his way, usually immediately wired, least God changes his mind or they do.....(after God ordering them to give)

The gathering of names and addresses is one of the holes whereby Hinn and his associates creep into gullible peoples homes, churches and lives, with the subtlety of satan himself, quietly and politely as the devil behaved in Eden, deceiving Adam's wife with his tales  of grandiose. To receive Ben's lofty Prayers is a real highlight and hotline to God's Coffers-Treasure chest. And to have your name written somewhere in his house, jet or toilet is a big-ticket must-have reserved for those with sufficient funds. Why, because when Ben prays......God straightens up and listens real good........hardly.

Ben has highly professional accountants, lawyers, body/flesh - guards/protectors and tricksters in his business which guarantees him success, victory over the present day government and multitudes of mesmerised gulls, followers, at least for now but the judgement day is on its way, for all,, myself included...Yes, Jesus is coming back soon, spots or not, no wrinkles accepted, not even blemishes. Jesus calls his church a 'Spotless...Bride'

I am amazed how God puts up with such creatures as Hinn, Copeland, Duplantis, Meyer, Price, Savelle and the likes of these abusers. Well, he has put up with the Roman Catholic System, the Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormons, Moonies, Baptists, Anglicans, Uniting Church, Salvation Army, the Protestants (who no longer dare to protest against the Harlot-Church/RCC), Calvinists, Seventh-Day Adventists and multiple other religions of men and women who have made merry with and defamed the writings of the Holy Bible, why not a few

I have found after 22 years of walking with the Christ-Jesus that he is very patient but he still has a Cup of Wrath, the cup, container of his indignation, anger, that he said he will pour out in his time upon all men and women who have defied him,, that cup is nearly full......ref/Revelation 14:10....Selah.

It has been said that there are around 2,500 so called evangelists in the USA alone who run, parade their religious businesses on 900 so-called Christian channels, with an estimated revenue of about $3,500 million US annually and climbing as the tales grow taller....(this calculation is many years old by the way)

Benny Hinn, Lebanese - born apparently, now has a black - Benny competitor who wears a white suit and mimics him, yes, this pastor - Chris Oyakhilome of the Christ Embassy, Lagos, Nigeria who is of the Penny-Costal variety also does the Puff-Stuff, a little puff from the lips and over they go onto the carpet, shaking like a packet of Maggi - Noodles, it's embarrassing. A true con-man, one who would put Nigerian Money Scammers to shame. Chris also not unlike Ben has his pellet load of letters and prayer requests from his gullible fans laid out for all to see on his TV shows. Chris apparently bought into a complete Airline recently along with a National Fast - Food Business and TV Stations plural. Pastor Chris as they call him and Mr. Hinn have not the gift of healing, they are simply arrogant, lovers of self who mesmerise ignorant peoples and deceive them with their fables and fanciful lifestyles. As I just said, these defiant-mockers who have no fear of God will taste of the cup of God's Wrath, Yahweh will be mocked by no created being whether that be man, woman or youth, black, white or

If you ever by chance get to sit and listen carefully to Mr. Hinn or his black-duplicate, pastor Chris you will inevitably come to notice the confusion, lies, distortions of scripture, compromise and ecumenical mind-set and what these illusionists with their tacky, loud, Bollywood-backdrops, stage-settings really stand for .....A Den of Thieves. And to think they have the hide to charge peoples monies for such trash, it's criminal. Always remember, don't steal, not only does God call it sin and damnable (if not repented of) Ben and Chris hate

This letter is by no means endeavouring to stop such criminals from their love-less crime, sprees/crusades no......for the scriptures say (theirs is coming with the Christ) they will go on to the end. And many will say to Jesus the Christ when he finally returns for his holy (obedient) remnant only.....Lord....Lord!!!!...with a deceitful cry and Jesus will say to them...."Go away from Me, I do not acknowledge you nor have you ever really acknowledged Me, you chose the religious-teachings and traditions of men and women of wanton minds", there will be much weeping and grinding of the teeth in that day, for certain, Will He acknowledge you when he comes back that day?????....Matthew 10:13-15

Looking on from outside the Bollywood-religious gates.
Pastor Paul Sheehan... Hebrews 13:13.

PS. The authentic word/doctrine, teaching of the Christ Jesus is not even to be sold let alone confusing religious rubbish. But then again those who subscribe to such trash are (usually of the same tree and ) really only reaping what they have sown. Their hearts are obviously not for the Christ to obey him, and to allow him to be preeminent in their lives. Hence God hands them over to the lies and trickery, word-play and the antics of the devil - himself for they did not want to receive/do what the truth/Messiah's Doctrine says..ref/John 7:17, 2 Timothy 4:3,4, 2 Thessalonians 2:10......Selah.