The following article/letter was sent to me a couple of weeks after Father had me visit this man (who I have never seen in my life before) at his business/store. If I am not preaching, teaching, praying or writing, I am 'visiting'! Most certainly redeeming the time, certainly not busying myself with the affairs of this life.....Click
                                                                                                 Paul Sheehan.
To: Pastor Paul Sheehan

Dear Paul,

I have glanced through your literature and through your web site. It was interesting to read a very gracious letter from some people suggesting that they did not want to be associated with your group any longer, asking you to refrain from contacting them and also sending their love in Jesus Christ to you. On a second attempt to find the letter I could not, so I imagine it was one of those things I was meant to see just once, and, for a reason.

As regard 'doctrine' I need not wade through it all. I have read literature like this before from all sorts of sources. I have been intimately involved with people who major in 'doctrine'. I have spent much valuable time with groups here and in other parts of the world. I have gleaned many things as a result and always felt I was 'led' to experience all of this. I have concluded that to be a New Testament believer you need to extend love (not conditional love), grace (not conditional grace, whatever that is) and forgiveness (not conditional) to all men including your enemies. I also believe that the Holy Spirit is able and desirous to lead all men into all truth and that the mechanism for Him to be able to do his work is through the atoning power of salvation, a simple and effective 'miracle' of the Godhead, not requiring the intervention of man however sometimes aided and encouraged by the testimony of already 'filled' people and those with ministry gifts. Finally I believe that those who major in 'doctrine' do more damage than good and cause more of the brethren to stumble than otherwise.

I also don't believe in half  filled, I don't believe in half saved, or 'conditional' salvation. In fact I consider moderate Calvinism to be far more appropriate than Arminianism in understanding New Testament Theology.

I sense you exercise a heavy reliance on Old Testament Scripture to justify your criticism of pretty much all and every 'other' group in existence regardless of size, scholarship, longevity etc. In other words, 'everyone is out of step 'cept our Jim' (or Paul as it happens in this instance)... You should know that anyone can find any scripture, take it out of context, rely on the very outmoded King James translation, etc, to justify any argument. I have met "watchmen" before, and respectfully suggest that their calling is an Old Testament one. There is no mention of "watchmen" in the new covenant and there is no place for them in new covenant theology. I have learnt over the years not to enter into argument with people who start their statements with "THUS SAYETH THE LORD" or people who also speak in "Christianese", (a language and set of antics which I find totally counterproductive in communicating with the unsaved), where they simply preface everything they desire to do or say with the "token thus sayeth the Lord" or "the Lord told me" etc etc. Personally I would prefer to stay as far away from this branch of Christianity because of my natural propensity to criticize. I have had much experience with all manner of people who have told me "stuff" prefacing it with those statements. My attitude is, if the Lord tells someone then who am I to disagree even if it is obviously ridiculous or blatantly incorrect (in my judgement).

Aware that there is lots wrong with the 'institutional church' in the world I am confident that the Holy Spirit will and can sort out all of it in His time, as He does in the hearts of the individual believers (in His time). The New Testament is pretty clear on the fact that we, as Christians, are not empowered to judge everyone else but in fact are empowered to be channels of God's grace and love to everyone in our proximity. The Holy Spirit is perfectly capable and will do the sanctifying and do it a whole lot quicker when He does not have constant interference from man, who, no matter how close he thinks he is to his Heavenly Father, will understand the truth to the same degree.

So Paul, as we are poles apart, and not likely to convince each other of our respective doctrinal bents please don't send me any more literature as it will not be appreciated or handed on to any one else. I would prefer not to enter into any more discussion about these matters.

I hope the Lord Jesus continues to bless you and your family and the Holy Spirit continues to lead you into ALL Truth.


Paul H

Monday 6th November 2006 
PS.........Paul Sheehan
There are six paragraphs and a two line farewell to the very poor criticism of JTCM. So let's deal with this one paragraph at a time and we shall all witness how valid this man's views really are in accord with established canon.

●PH. I have glanced at JTCM's literature and web site.
●PS. This man makes judgements at a 'glance', not wise at all, neither could it be righteous judgement, hardly honest........click.
●PH. I do not involve myself with people who major in 'doctrine' for I believe in unconditional - love, grace and forgiveness, I also believe that those who major in 'doctrine' do more damage than good and cause brethren to stumble......click.
●PS. It has been a blatantly obvious swing of 'last days churches' for leadership and congregation alike to disconnect themselves from 'doctrine' for the sake of growing (truth-resistant weed-seed) churches. Especially from 'The Christ's Doctrine', the outcome always being a wide road offering the 'unity of Babel'!.......ref: Genesis 11:1-9.......click
●PH. I do not believe in 'conditional salvation' moderate Calvinism is far more appropriate than Arminianism when it comes to understanding the NT.
●PS. I am sure it was evident in the (hypocrisy of the) first paragraph of PH's letter that he had pledged allegiance to Calvin long before I came on the scene. And as all (spiritually)ignorant people do, PH assumed that I had some seamless connection with Arminianism, which I don't.......click.
●PH. I sense you have a heavy reliance on OT scripture to justify your criticism of all. Surely the King James Bible is an 'outmoded' book. There is also no mention of 'watchmen' in the NT scripture.

I prefer to stay away from those who use and preface things with 'thus says the lord'.
●PS. JTCM always emphasise on the importance of the 'substance' of the Christ rather than the 'shadow' of the OT, ref/Jesus the Christ Ministries. It is the blab and grab of pentecostalism, prosperity-promised land-million $ jet ministries that major in the 'shadow' of the OT, for it is financially (convenient) appropriate $$$....ref/Abraham, Solomon etc....click.

As for the 'outmoded' bible/KJ, I use a New KJ and neither are outmoded, (save to the unbeliever) outmoded means.......no longer fashionable, not accepted. The word 'watchman' is not used in NT testament scripture but since when has a prophet not been a watchman and does not 'even' the OT call pastors, shepherds.......watchmen....ref/Isaiah 56:10, 11......Ephesians 4:11.....click.

Whatever you do don't tell the christendom churches this for their leaders might just fall off their chairs and break their necks, ref/Eli.
●PH. I am confident that Holy Spirit will work it all out so don't judge, just leave it to God he is very capable.
●PS. Here we have two of the most used, well worn, broken records of church history......'God is ..going to do it' and Don't Judge!.....click.
●PH. Paul we are poles apart. I hope holy spirit 'continues' to lead you.
●PS. So is the wide road and the narrow road poles apart and if holy spirit is leading me (and we are poles apart) whose leading him?....click
All I care to say about this wonderful encounter in conclusion is that the letter of PH displays once again the fast growing attitude and mindset, most (save a remnant) are proudly taking, thinking that they please God in so doing, while at the same time believe that if they stay on this road 'they' have chosen (find more appropriate), they will be saved from the wrath to come and hell fire, I say impossible and so says scripture, (the outmoded) KJ Bible....click.

It is surely 'prophecy fulfilled' again for JTCM. If it is of any consolation, PH told me the day Father led me to him at his business/store in a Brisbane suburb, he was a close friend of the late (not so great) Frank Houston and had connections with Hillsong Church at one time. PH said he had been done out of $40million by a so called christian some years back. I suppose the saddest part of all is that PH has pastored a church in the USA and was considered by some as spiritual and great as a christian, this is frightening to say the least.....click.

My conclusion of PH's critique of JTCM is simple.....typical Calvinistic Whinging, in a word 'lame'.......most certainly not prompted by the spirit of perfection, holy spirit.

Never judge at a glance, it is not the way of the spirit of the Christ. Matthew 7: 1-5
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10