By Pastor Paul Sheehan.......15.10.2009

Australia, USA, England and Africa, along with the Pacific islands and the Oceanic regions all have heard the word of God many times, most, all of the time but how many are actual doers of his/Jesus Words......obedient to the doctrine of the Christ/Messiah?

There is a frightening increase of peoples worldwide testifying to/of their own strength and ability to make a recovery from certain and particular obstacles they have faced, are facing or are about to face. A recent example of this was 'Whitney Houston' singer/song writer, ex-drug addict, at least recovering, reforming.

She was on the Oprah Show telling of how she found strength within, she said in one of her latest songs...."I didn't know my own strength, I picked myself up"!!!!!

She also mentioned God in all of this but didn't give him a name and dared not use that name Jesus after all she was on the Oprah show and she is endeavouring to make a comeback, hence must be on her best behaviour for the media and the variety of religions and beliefs out there. She said that it's good to know that there is somewhere and someone she can go to in time of trouble.

So what happens in between is anyone's guess. It reflected a recent situation with Father Chris Riley and one of his disciples who testified how far he also had come from his days on the streets. This young island boy really couldn't decide whether he had done the right or wrong thing back on the streets regarding a riot (he partook in) that broke out. His entire testimony was about him alone and finding more of him and about leading others, where I have no idea. There was no Jesus mentioned, not once, not even from the mouth of the Roman Catholic Mentor/Father Chris. Chris believes that no child was born bad, which is contrary to bible script and the Jesus of the holy bible....ref/ Psalm 51:5. A real humanistic self-worth thing, whereas true - Christianity/Christos -discipling is all about true biblical repentance from sin and all known-sin (with Christ like character - fruit displayed) then forgetting about you and letting him/Messiah/the Christ live through you on submission/obedience/bible - faith in the living word/doctrine of the Christ exclusively. Anything else simply irritates the entire issue God has with sinful-humanity (it then becomes infected with copious amounts of ego, pride, carnality, religions of men and women and self importance). Enter....We are the world and/or One-World Church.......Church of the Second Command, (family first, culture first, me first). All of this is surely the road to destruction ending in eternal-living-hell fire, Jesus desires that not one perish/end up in hell, he prefers that all repent, turn from their sin, once and for

Even, maybe a Michael Jackson kind of thing could commence, ref/ of Jackson's last songs, the words said......(This is it)......"I am the light of the world, I am your friend".

But Jesus said that he was the light of the world.....Jesus said if anyone follow after him/in his footsteps/doctrine/teaching/oracles/script/sayings/way...they shall not walk in darkness/known sin...ref/John 8:12.....Selah.

Scary hey......especially when you start to count the disciples/fans of Whitney and Jackson, staggering, especially when so many profess Christianity or God in one form or other. These encounters always seem to take me back to the days before the tsunami of Noah's Time, they were all about self then too. Wedding arrangements, eating out, luncheons, coffee shops, drinking bouts, partying, real estate, attending to their lands, buildings and saving as much as possible for that retirement that is often interrupted by world events, mother nature (God's Judgement) and even sudden death, as a net catches a fish or a snare a bird......Deuteronomy 28:24, James 4:13-15, Psalm

Others are just taken in by trying their best to take down the powers of darkness in high places, the very same powers that The Christ bowled over at the tree and made a fool out of them publicly says the scriptures, that is if we believe scripture/the holy bible....ref/Colossians 2:10,

It's far better to be a doer of the word/doctrine of the Christ, finding our peace, joy, power and rest in Him, no longer entangled in the affairs of this world much rather otherworldly, bathing in the victory and salvation of our lord God almighty/Jesus the Christ, worshipping Yahweh in the spirit and truth of holiness/his word, the true holy water. No matter how much or how we think we worship God, it is no worship, if we are not doing-obeying his word.....ref/2 Thessalonians