Senior minister of River of Life Church - Brisbane
Apostle/Mrs. Royree

“There is a coming shaking of the continent in order for a great awakening. The shakings thus far are beginning to awaken the church. There is a coming shaking of the continent in order for a great awakening. I saw in a sequence of visions, the whole of Australia as a giant, old-fashioned alarm clock and it was ringing to awaken the church to the hour of destiny.

The next vision in the series was of scales of justice. There were tipping and in the distance I saw a huge storm gathering. Stones had been dropped onto the scales on both sides. I noted they had the words of past prayers from the generations. The prayers have thus far “balanced” as it were the economy of the nation.

The third and last in the series was of an hour glass. The sands of time that had been allowed to stay the coming storms were slipping fast away while waiting for the church to be a loud voice of righteousness in the nation.


The shakings thus far are beginning to awaken the church. There will be something of the nature of the American Tea Party that will arise in which the church will have a loud voice.

Pastors will find their hearts stirred with a passion to preach like flames of fire and begin to move the nation into her destiny as The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit. This will begin with a remnant, especially among the youth leaders, but will stir up a reformational spirit throughout the church.

The church will develop a passion to support whatever party stands on the side of God and His laws. They will cry out for Justice and take no political side except that of those who are on the Lord’s side. They will be pro-Life and Pro-Biblical Marriage.

The time is short for this movement to arise. The economy will yet shake and people will fear and look for new governmental leadership.

There will be pockets of the nation such as Western Australia that are like the land of Goshen and they will feel the economic shaking far less. Do not fear, children of God, but pray and I will keep and bless you in the midst of the shakings.

This movement will be a forerunner to not only a massive governmental reformation on many levels but a fervour to see Australia re-capture her biblical roots. Those who are trying to re-image the nation will find themselves voted out of office on a sweeping tide if the church will awaken and see the lateness of the hour. The new move will be extreme in some aspects as it will be far out on the Sacred Edge. It will be counter-cultural in its stand for holiness, justice for the poor, and the protection of unborn children. Canberra will shake. Shakings will come in unlikely places. The winds will blow and produce tides of change.”..... SEPT-2011 ........... Mrs. Cindy Jacobs ........... click.

CRITIQUE by Pastor: Paul Sheehan/13.12.2011 .... I gather that all of the above was intended to be read as ‘thus says the lord’ or else it was just Cindy rambling again. Whatever way you go it was not the lord Jesus and surely Cindy wanting desperately to ease the squeeze on religious societies.

This woman is no doubt fantasizing with herself, a silly woman indeed. Yet another case of wishful thinking and in general, lies gone viral, while dragging God’s Name into her pig pen with her and the rest of the lame religious positive-thinking-ecumenical clergy in Australia. Not to mention the multitudes of gullible and unlearned souls globally who feed on these pods from Pentecostal pens, being snared daily by these tricksters and word-play- professionals with their sugar-coated tongues of poison. Just like the devil to paint an air brushed portrait of sin .. re: Eve and her grandiose satanic commission ... ref/Genesis 3: 4-6, Ephesians 4:14,17-21 ..... click

May Father give you ears to recognise .... ‘the truth - the Christ’s Voice/Doctrine’.... ref/John 7:17....Selah.

PS ... Have no fellowship/friendship with the unfruitful-works of darkness much rather expose them for what they are . Lies are nothing but ‘verbal-darkness’ being dumped on a person .. could this be love and respect for the brotherhood and your neighbour?... ref/Ephesians 5:11 ...... click

Footnote: Yes, the Santy-Season is nigh and the AOG/Pentecostal Church down our way is gearing up to party. They are displaying on large banners outside such prize -winnings as iPods, bicycles, computer attachments and all things associated with any cunningly devised dodgy sweepstakes arrangement. Planting that ‘Seed-Faith’ again ... click.

There are also displays of free tucker for those whose God is their belly, seeing that Australians are already morbidly obese. The old sausage sizzle has taken many a casualty over the Santy Season and all year round actually. The tucker definitely gets them into the building I must admit, some even sign up with the club but we can never be saved from eternal hell-fire unless we genuinely love Jesus for who he is. That will only come about when we see how pathetic we as humans really are ... born! ... sinners to the bone, hell bound without the Christ. We All Must Be Born ................ Again! ... click

No such thing as a free feed they say, certainly something to consider isn’t it, especially when we look at Hillsong’s Piggy Bank and the Popes, not to mention Mother Teresa’s (deceased) Million Dollar Bank Account, Mrs. Meyer, Mrs. Hickey, Mrs. Dollar, Mrs. Jacobs and Mrs. Paula White the false prophetess .. Benny Hinn’s new found love, girlfriend-lover.... ref/Zechariah 4:6 ... click

All of this is concocted to get the unrepentant-sinners of the region, churched and unchurched to attend the birthday party of that jewish-baby boy that never grew, locked in a time-warp of religion. That Lonesome-Looser in the straw, who seeks your love and who is lost without ‘your’ love or so the story of the churches goes. Think about it .. God needing your love, hello?.. like please explain. Especially when God .. is .. Love!

They call it Christmas and the World agrees (prayer of agreeance) every year to join in and bear with it, as long as they get their cut $$$ and Big-Red in his jump suit gets the lions share of the TV adverts. Just look at him there on his throne looking so authoritive isn’t he, like a King you could say..... Hail!!.... King Santy!. ... Hail!

Australia says .. Hail!!... King Santy!.. THE GREAT SOUTH LAND OF PAGANISM
 says .. Hail!!!!... King Santy

Did you know that Santy is the only Obese person in the world that has a mega following, this is a miracle, a satanic miracle or maybe a lying wonder ... ref/2 Thessalonians 2:9.

There may even be some TV time for some ‘Lucky-Unsung-Underdog-Charity’ promotion somewhere in the midst of the decorations, hams, glamour, booze, sales, self promotions and reviling. That is as long as the selected Charity doesn’t go speaking that Messianic-Truth and go talking about hell-fire-eternal, judgement day and the Christ rejecting peoples, even churched ones. The lucky (as they say) charity needs to be Ecumenical at the core also, will your church qualify? ................. click

One thing is certain ... JTCM-Mission is anti-Santy and pro-Jesus, anti-religious concoctions of men and women and pro-doctrine of the Christ Jesus. We don’t just protest against the Roman Catholic System-The Harlot Church and her Prostituting Denominational Followers, we protest against all things great and small that are Anti-Christ/Truth. We are non-conformists to the bone and unto death. JTCM-Mission contends for and about nothing else but ...THE FAITH-THE DOCTRINE OF THE CHRIST .... all the rest is chaff .... ref/Romans 12:1,2, Jude 1:3 .... click ....