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(by loving Jesus - John 9:39)
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  • One of the ministers duties is to keep an eye or two out for wolves, male or female, this especially goes for the watchman, prophet office .....Click.

    As the days pass us all by we are witnessing a great increase in the voice that cries out for peace, love and unity and there is a synthetic lot of exactly this being dished up (as the real thing) in this country and the world over, today. Once again, just as the Christ said it would be .....Click!

    I want to address one specific issue here today which relates to intimidation, unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred and peddling Father's Word. All of this is one to me, it all relates to the very thing that Jesus the Christ did not and does not stand for, represent.

    So, I am going to ask you to do something so that you may be convinced once and for all times that Jesus the Christ was not what they thought he was.......a bastard, a devil, an imposter or an intimidator or unforgiving or bitter or hateful........Psalm 5:5.
  • I and Father want you to read a particular chapter in the Bible.

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After you have read Matthew chapter 23 I want you to ask yourself the question, was Jesus an intimidator, unforgiving, hateful, bitter, trying to justify himself before wicked people or was he holy and righteous, perfect in his ways???!!.

It is highly essential that we all (the holy remnant) never cease to contend earnestly for the (real) faith, exposing the ungodly men and women who are marked out for condemnation.....amen?

Soldier, Servant, Ambassador - in chains!
Pastor Paul Sheehan