Fear, the Coward!


The end of year swimming carnival had arrived 2.12.2008 and brother Shadrach Paul was required to swim, compete in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and relay events and he was afraid.

Brother Shadrach unfortunately had a bad experience in a friends swimming pool prior to his fifth birthday and became afraid of water as of that day, it was a nasty event indeed, a little sad too.

However, by the grace of the only wise God/Jesus the Christ, faith, prayer and a good swimming teacher brother Shadrach overcame his fear and the spirit of 'fear of water' ceased harassing him.

But it didn't end there.  As brother went on 'the spirit of the fear of the depth of water' came to hinder him.

The day before the carnival brother Shadrach came to me and told me how great the fear was that he had of the deep end of the pool. As we talked I reflected on my childhood and the great feats my brother and I and our mates were involved in as adventurous and even wild children including my experience of nearly drowning in a murky dark deep creek. But this fell short......click.

Although I pushed my fear of water and drowning aside brother Shadrach's was a different case (and he is not me and never will be). So I asked brother Shadrach one question "How deep is your love for Jesus......is it deeper than this water you are afraid of?......his reply was a spontaneous ....Yes!

So I said to him, "brother, it's time for you to take control in Jesus name....stand on the starting blocks and say within, 'in the name of Jesus bring it on"!!!and he did!

Racing in all events while running a 2nd in the freestyle and his Relay/Team taking first place in their event....man alive!!!!!....glory bound.

Although his darling mum with her maternal instincts was seated alongside of the pool and offered brother Shadrach a seat with her if he wasn't up to it, his reply was a bold....."Thanks mum but I can do this"!

And he did, praise God/Jesus!!!!...there was great and exceeding joy, joy unspeakable as we sat as a family and watched the video of brother Shadrach cutting up the water, like a paddle steamer in holiday season.

Fear becomes a coward in the face of faith in the Christ, as for sister Hannah Lyn well, she throws herself at the water every time we hit the surf....Amen and Amen!

Shadrach Paul's Dad
Paul Marshall John Sheehan