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(unleashed in the churches at last)
- (and Jezebel rejoices again)

1 Peter 3:1-6

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As I continue to preach the wrath to come (and that it is essential for salvation that we flee from all sin) on city side walks, towns, suburbia, in the pulpit, house meets and the worldwide web I have been blessed continuously with confirmation and vindication of our message at JTCM Australia......(click here).

Only recently a young man around 20 years old passed by as I preached. This fellow came past about three times and on the fourth time he could not help but stop.
clicktwogospels.gif (868 bytes) He simply just poured out his heart to me and said......

I am a backslidden christian and I am living in sexual sin and I know that I am slowly but surely slipping away from God. I feel so bad and I actually like what I am doing. But I tell you I really can notice that my position in Christ is threatened.........Hebrews 3:12-15.

  • It's not easy, there are women everywhere in the world who wear such little clothing and worse it's even in our church.
clicktwogospels.gif (868 bytes) After I counselled the young man and gave him some JTCM glory bound literature he was relieved to know that there is still hope left for him providing of course he flees his present lusts by the power of the helper/holy ghost.......(click here).

I also feel led to inform all readers that while I counselled this young man about sin I was clear to tell him to disconnect himself from the church he was presently attending. The church where the girls paraded themselves in (as they call it) "sexy" attire.......(click here)
Where is the pastor who looks after the sheep?
Pastor Paul Sheehan
1 Corinthians 6:9-11.
3 December 2004
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