He Lays Me Down!
Psalm 23:2

(in pastures green)

Being a new christian and knowing no better I had been going to a pentecostal church for about six months and although I am grateful for their role in my water baptism and early walk I was uncomfortable with their blatant emphasis on money. Forever talking about and plugging the (old testament -shadow) tithe and multiple offerings for this and that and the other.......click.

A kind of modified version of the Roman Catholic System of old with the giving of monies in exchange for all sorts of things ranging from proxy faith jobs and position to 100 fold blessings, even forgiveness of sins, without true repentance.

Then after hearing at a conference from the mouth of a so called prophet, whose son (in his first year of ministry) made $800,000, I did not understand this to be christianity but rather it sounded more like capitalism. Hence I longed (hungered)for the truth.

Anyway, I was speaking with a friend of mine who had only recently left the same church and she encouraged me to come and hear what this pastor was preaching out Ipswich way, so I did......click.

Although he has only a small congregation, she said "you will be blown away with the message"...thus the next Sunday she took me to this church and my findings were. I felt welcome for once, there was no tithe bashing, there was no tiny sermon with a few bible references padded with endless song. It was powerful and prophetic.......click.

My pentecostal (religious) attitudes copped a right hammering, a thorough purging, I was broken, only to find myself being bandaged up, I was literally raised up in the spirit through God's healing restoring power-holy ghost. Pastor Paul's message of repentance and ceasing from (continual willful) sin to be saved is so right it is biblical as opposed to the all famous world-friendly-gospel- message of......."salvation, a gift God will not take back neither can you lose/forfeit your salvation.".....click

Unlike most pentecostal heretical churches, Pastor Paul is contactable, touchable and cares about the ultimate welfare of the sheep's souls. He is there to encourage, give hope through the tough times when satan is tempting and troubling, attacking your faith.....click.

Thank you sister Maria for leading me to this pasture green and thank you Pastor Paul, sister Juvy, children and the flock at JTCM for your warm welcome, prayers and assistance. And thanks for all the free cd, dvd, videos and print.......click.
  • Brother Mark Weymouth - a cheerful giver.
    Brisbane City, Qld.

P.S. Seek and you will find!

P.P.S....The strangest thing about this church-fellowship is that although it is only a small gathering it's like you are amongst a multitude of people.....2 Corinthians 2:14, Matthew 18:20, Mark 2:1................seek and you will find!.