(no doubt a people pleaser)

John C. Maxwell is the author of the book 'Winning with People' .......John C. is a close friend with Mrs. Meyer Ministries, in the

And it is not hard to tell that these two would be friends by the way they talk and their unbiblical way of thinking. These two definitely need to put on the mind of the Christ

Hear is one of Mr. Maxwell's quotes, beliefs, that I believe tells everyone without brain damage exactly where John gets his wisdom surely ain't the holy bible.
Quote: Joyce Meyer Show - 3.7.2006

"YOU LOOK AT AND SEE OTHER PEOPLE THE WAY YOU REALLY ARE"......John Maxwell also says "if you don't value people you don't value God".

Joyce Meyer's reply to this was......"people can be so self-deceived can't they John"?
If John's quote is true, well Jesus Christ (had attitude) was the chief hypocrite, was in pretty bad shape. what did Jesus say about and see the Pharisees to be?.. Read Matthew chapter 23........Selah. Did Jesus value these hypocritical religious people?

And what did the prophets say about the evil church leaders and goers of their times?......One oracle says they were dogs, dumb dogs, lazy dumb dogs, lazy blind dumb greedy heartless dogs, out for self gain..... Isaiah 56:10, 11. Did the prophets value God and people?

● Does this mean that the prophets of God-Yahweh were as these low-life church leaders?......hardly! I believe the direct opposite.

Mrs. Meyer is so deluded, she is one (of the many) who believe that you can drive a person away from God-Jesus. A mere human stopping God from saving a person. These people need help, they need to be betrothed to the real Jesus the one that was crucified for speaking the

John the baptiser said: "You mob of snakes-vipers"!........were they?....or was he? Did the baptiser love, value people and God?
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10

P.S........I find that John C. Maxwell needs to embark upon some serious 'repair' work regarding his doctrine, who knows, maybe Joyce could help him (for a price $)