Sister Ramos sent this letter to JTCM-MISSION after she received our utube - message .. ‘You're in the Army now!’... and our Joyce Meyer testimony of Sister Michelle ….. Click

Hello Pastor Paul ..

Unfortunately Joyce Meyer took an "Illuminati Oath" and now preaches about the All-Seeing Eye, which is Lucifer, not Christ! Her bible has a cursive "666" design engraved in a way that is not obvious at a quick glance.

The "Illuminati" will blackmail Large Ministries for greater Satanic influence for their Satanic-New World Order, Antichrist Agenda. Other Illuminati 33rd degree masons are: Billy Graham, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, TD Jakes, and many others .. Click

An Illuminati "oath" is an Oath with Satan that utilizes the 13 family Satanic Bloodlines - The Rockefellers/Rothchilds, etc. They control TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) to promote False Gospels, etc…

The True Church has to arise from her slumber and FIGHT! We need to win souls because the "god" of this world is no joke!!!..Click
God bless you!!!
Matilda Ramos .. New York City

Comment/Critique by Pastor Paul Sheehan …. Not that I am a ‘Conspiracy Specialist or Follower’ or desire to be but I can’t help think of the Obvious Connections here …..

Especially when I consider that I know very little about the ‘Illuminati’ and don’t really care about their Agenda or Satans for that matter ,because I walk with the ‘All Powerful One-Jesus the Christ by Holy Ghost Power’, what can man/woman do to me?.. Much rather fear Him the only one who can take your Soul and Body and put it into Eternal Hell-Fire… Amen!

However, with reference to the above letter from New York City, it amuses me that I done an article on ‘Danny Nalliah/Catch the Fire Ministries’ a suspect AOG Church Leader in Victoria, back in 2007 and I put the ‘All Seeing Eye’ logo on this article (by the leading of the holy ghost) as a reference to the Article and Nalliah..(Satanic-meaning Anti-Truth, Anti-Christ ).. Click

Not knowing that years later Nalliah would have close and personal relationships with the likes of Pat Robertson and Donnie Swaggart .. Click
And it just so happens that Danny Nalliah ‘today’ is a personal and close friend of Freemason - Robertson and was given an open door at PAT ROBERTSON'S HOUSE and TV Network in America … MMM… interestingly and most certainly revealing.



My judgement on Nalliah.. re/Illuminati, was back in 2007 and then I get this letter from New York in 2012 telling me of Robertson, Meyer, Graham, Hinn etc. And apparently another one of Nalliah's buddies (in the loop) .. Donnie Swaggart (son of Jimmy Swaggart) who is a Freemason also. I was only saying to my wife recently , that this Nalliah (Indian-AOG-Pentecostal-Pastor) fellow is always cashed $$$ up isn’t he… Have you ever known of a Financially-Materially Poor Freemason???  …….. ref/1 Corinthians 4:11.. selah.

PS .. I do recall giving Donnie Swaggart one of my books (as Father led) and a disc teaching of mine some years back when he spoke at a Spanish Pentecostal Church in Brisbane which was run by Pastor: Roberto San Martin at the time, (of course I was as welcomed as Stephen was in .. ACTS 7:54-60) .. No, I don’t know if THE DON would have appreciated the truth therein or even recognised the truth therein…. As it is said ‘Only God Knows’.