● "We must get on our knees and repent"!...says mister Peter Stokes of 'Salt Shakers'.........click

Back in January 2008 I was speaking with Mr. Stokes on the phone all because he rang me to command that he was not happy with the Newsletters we send him without his consent.

It appears that a messenger of Jesus needs to have an appointment these days before he is allowed to open his mouth......."not this one".

Peter spoke of 'individual' repentance in one of his recent articles/28 Feb, yet slammed the phone down in my ear and refused to listen to Godly Counsel (which Peter is in need of). I was a little set back at the savage way Peter spoke to me (after all I don't know him from Billy) especially when looking at the photograph attached to his article 'Faith School Boom' he presents such a sweet-self assured- smile behind that tatty growth he wears so proudly. Then again, looks can be deceiving can't they?....ref/pharisees, priests, reverends, doctors, Fathers, Mothers, right and left reverends and most high Reverends.

Who Peter was calling the 'Body of Christ' in Australia was not made clear in his article but then again has any of this variety of christian (ref/Stokes, Nalliah, Howard, Rudd, Nile, Pell, Jensen, Hollingsworth or the Mother Church of all of these the Roman Catholic) ever had backbone enough to declare publicly and Nationally what 'Jesus the Christ' says is a true biblical view and who are his true brothers, sisters and mothers .....plural....Luke 8:21......click.

When Pete spoke with me on the phone he was rather jittery and very anxious to move on even while I was still speaking. I did say to Peter that it was fine that he was 'not willing to accept' our beefy newsletters but he simply kept talking......click.

 ● Where is Peter and his bedfellows really heading?
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10, Luke 24:47

March1, 2008

Bonus Note: Only yesterday I was preaching in the Brisbane CBD and Archbishop John Bathersby slowed his pace and took hold of JTCM/Newsletter 417. Never in 20 years of preaching Mashiah's Message have I handed Mr. Bathersby the Roman Catholic, a teaching of JTCM. Out of all JTCM literature and newsletters he took in his hand the 417th and look at it......click.

(a real debunker and exorcism in one)