Meet God - Jesus, Meet Love - Agape


We all must be on the lookout, on guard these days for the subtleties of the evil one satan, he may come in any kind of religion, dress, title or

Joyce Meyer was peddling her theories once again the other day on TV and said this (and actually thought it was a discovery to behold).......
● Quote / Joyce Meyer
"Real revelation, deep revelation does not come quickly you have to study and meditate, I studied for around 12 months so God could give me a revelation about Love.
Really?......So how long did it take St. Paul to receive his 'abundant revelations' from Yahweh?...and write two thirds of NT. He wrote as he was quickened in his spirit.

I believe they came instantly, as the holy spirit inspired him he wrote. No fastings, no amplified (modified) bible study, no concordance, no Koorong Yearly Planner, no IBM computer, no conference with men, women or rock 'n' roll. Simply as he/the spirit of Yahweh wills and willed......Acts 9:15, 16.

I do not read where Paul spent 10 hours preparing a message for congregations, I read of Paul speaking as the oracles of Yahweh as Holy Ghost led, by my spirit says the Lord.

Joyce Meyer loves the idea of repetitiously, like a parrot, speaking that God loves her. The truth of the matter is, if Joyce was born-again and knew God/Jesus she would never need to be so (insecure) faithless. For God is love and if we have truely met him and we are taught of him and walk with him in the light/his light/doctrine, the love thing (past, present and future) is settled once and for all by faith of course....

● The problem once again, still, as always is "does she love God"?...Do what he says....Luke 17:10.

Knowing that God loves you can never save your soul anyway but us loving him/God can, will and only ever will ref / New Covenant.

The major (biblical) signs of God's Love In Your Life are two-fold......grievous chastening and victory over known sin, no price tags or bar codes displayed.

● Tis so sweet to trust, leave it, to Jesus!
   Pastor Paul Sheehan
   Acts 9:6

P.S...You may tell yourself (and everyone else in town) that God loves you but do you (I) love God?

P.S.S.....Some of the greatest revelations known to man have come while far away from the study desk, ref/St.Paul king hit (by king/Jesus) on the Damascan Road. Revelation is not earnt it is given (granted) ref: Ephesians 3:16-19.........