On the 14th April 2010.. we had an unexpected visit from one of the members of Reverend Paul (alias Dave) Yonggi Cho’s Church in Korea. Apparently it is the largest church in the world………….click

This man was very happy that he came to JTCM-Mission/Bacolod especially when he received the free literature and dvd/mp3 teachings. He left early and said he would return for the Wednesday night bible teaching session, yet he never returned and wasn’t respectful enough to let us know by one text or phone call that he wouldn’t/couldn’t or didn’t want to make it. Cho must not teach basic manners or this man doesn’t listen to Cho or read his bible.
Especially after getting a dose of the bonafide truth of the Christ. I myself wasn’t too keen on his return anyway seeing that his Pastor/Mr Cho is an outright liar and deceiver who associates and fellowships with some of the biggest heretics and money –grabbing crooks in the Christendom world today.

Eg:.. Robert Schuller (a long time friend of the famous Vince Peale ,the spiritualist-positive thinking guru), Ben Hinn. Mr Cho also teaches .’.The Fourth Dimension’….. (spiritualism)… and he seems to think that he spoke face to face with Jesus like all deceivers claim and he is a stickler for the it- claim it, speak what you want and it will manifest ,which is a devilish lie of pride, greed and deception and is in fact playing God….click

Mr. Cho is another one of the many who believe that Jesus needs us and freely and proudly admits that….. including the teachings and methods of Buddhists and Yogo with the teaching/doctrine of the Christ is acceptable behavior for a follower of the Christ….ref/2 John 9,10..selah…………click

Yes, Mr. Cho is a true believer and follower of the Occult and he does have the largest church in the earth, so they say…. But I don’t believe for one minute that he is saved from the eternal flames of hell. And how about his fine feathered friends, Hinn and Schuller who fellowship with this devil in disguise, what shall be their end may I ask or need I……ref/2 Corinthians 6:11-18….click

The scripture I just quoted goes for Mr Cho’s entire church, what will be the end of these poor wretched souls……. Ref/Revelation 2:12-29…(false teaching and other doctrines make Messiah wrath/angry, Jesus is a jealous God and if he sees you entertaining other doctrines other than his, he will surely prepare you a place in the chambers of hell). Yes, it is a wise move to stick with the truth/the doctrine of the Christ (if you have ever had it) even though it’s not popular and makes not for a big church and plenty monies but it does save souls from hell, that is a remnant of faithful ones…….ref/Romans 11:4…

You wouldn’t dream of it, Yahweh showing mercy to one of the members of a Korean -Cult, considered the largest Christendom church in the earth, by leading him to a little flock..JTCM.. in obscurity. I say a miracle ,sign and a wonder all wrapped up in the one package….glory to the lamb of Yahweh……

There is no excuse for this man, Chinese-Korean, he has been given the truth, actually he got the book ..Birds and Fish and the dvd/The Father Figure and various tracts and printed sheets relating to salvation .He also got brother Donald Wilson’s article…..Judge Not!....... A REAL CRACKER PACK!...if ever I have seen one….click

So the Word goes forward and so does the prophet, never backwards but forward, front –line warfare, brandishing the…… Sword of the Love of the Truth… by holy ghost power. Unsheathed and uncompromised, ready to lay it hard to the roots of every religious-tree that bears not the characteristic- fruits of the Christ at the Commissioners (the Christ’s) Command….click

And Paul ministered to all who came to him.
Pastor Paul Sheehan……. Acts 28:30,31.
15th April 2010.

PS…We are believing that this poor soul will repent of his sin (of holding other doctrines in his heart/prostituting his heart) and be saved through the one exclusive doctrine of the Christ.. click