Hello Pastor Paul ..
Your sermons are full of Bile and Criticism, but ‘Apparently’ you are Excluded from the Biblical requirement to Speak the Truth (as you see it) in Love. You are a Huge Ass and add another 4 letters on the end of Ass. By the way, I Can Block Emails if you decide to deluge me with your Weird Doctrines. Maybe one day you'll be convicted of your Sins and seek true Repentance. Then God may actually be able to use you. Look up my name on Google and type in the
word Poet. That's me and putting modesty aside, I'm worth 100 of you. It seems that the Lord has refrained from striking you down since our last encounter, you so-called man of God. I on the other hand I’m not so patient.… Mr John P. Ferris (Scholar, Saint, Poet and Thoroughly Modest) .. … 3.7.2013… Click .


(in Summary only)
‘let’s hear the truth and nothing but the truth’

 Hello, Mr: John P. Ferris (Scholar, Poet and Thoroughly Modest) ..

My reason for contacting you was in defence of the Doctrine of Jesus, JTCM-Mission and its Pastor/Prophet,Paul Sheehan.

At our midweek Meeting Pastor Paul Sheehan asked me if I knew of you from my Reach Out for Christ (the now ‘Brisbane Outreach Church’) days, for he had been emailing the Church with messages, as he was led by the Holy Spirit, and that you were the one who responded and that response was up on his website… (in part).

I was taken aback when I read that you considered that he was speaking a Weird Doctrine and his Messages were full of bile and criticism and
that he himself was an Ass, with four more letters after the word Ass.

John, did David Patch ever see the emails sent by Pastor and if he did why did he not answer himself Pastor to Pastor?

From the Bible we understand that God has His chosen men/Prophets, He sends out to reprove the Churches that are in Error as it is detrimental to the Salvation of the Congregation and the Minister himself. Having been in R.O.C/B.O.C for 18mths myself I know that the Church there would indeed be found wanting when Weighed in the Balance.

The website of R.O.C says what their Church is about and that is the Feeding of the Flesh, it still uses the same lure today that it was using ten years ago when I was there, I remember the lunch invitations that were dropped in letter boxes. Only to hear it from two of my neighbours that it was the lunch they stayed for Not the Service.

The only lure Jesus told us to use was to ‘Go Out and Preach Repentance and Forgiveness in His name’ and that is what our Pastor does and what we, his Disciples do in the handing out of the ‘Word’ and cd/dvd free of charge. Even Jesus Himself .. did not feed the people till .. they had been following Him for three days and added later that they only followed Him for the food and nothing has changed in 2000 yrs.

How many would be attending R.O.C or any Pentecostal Church if the Social Scene and Food Props were taken away and David Patch preached Repentance and Forgiveness and told the Congregation that being Born Again was only the beginning and now you Must pick-up your Cross ( the reproach that comes from following Jesus and doing what He says and taking out the Word) and make Him No.1 in your life instead of your husband, wife, children or money etc?… ref/ Matthew 10:32-42 ..

But John, David Patch would have to himself cease from preaching Tithing (which is not to be found in the N.T.) and also such heresies as Covering Unrepentant Loved Ones in the Blood because all Jesus sees when He looks down is the Blood, this teaching was never taught by the Apostles only the Pentecostals .. Click

John, you said to me that there are Many Good Churches around my area, I have to correct you there and say there is Not One. For I have been to two other Pentecostal Churches and also ROC in my area but Not One of these in their preaching could ever Teach me how to Worship Jesus in Spirit or in
Truth, let alone be Convicted of Sin

My first encounter with the preaching of Pastor: Paul Sheehan left me Speechless and Humiliated, such was my Conviction of Sin. That is
what happens when a bonafide anointed preacher speaks, he's anointed by God not appointed by man through a Bible College Certificate. So my prayer for wanting to Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth was answered.
The Truth cleanses the heart upon ‘Acceptance and Repentance’ and the Pride is shattered and good riddance to that Great Obstacle ..

I hope that you cease from being Pastor David Patch's Scribe because it was the Pharisees and the Scribes who sought to destroy the Prophets, but in the end it was they themselves who would be destroyed if they did not Repent .. ref/Matthew 23:29-31… Click

When you were Listening or Reading the Messages sent by Pastor Sheehan, did you not think to search your Own Heart to see if you were still in The Faith/Word?.

Is not Criticism an opportunity to be Corrected even though it can be hard to bear? John, there is absolutely no teaching on the R.O.C. Website for the Spiritually hungry, because its Pastor is not anointed by God but appointed by man .. Click


Following Jesus is a hard and humbling walk. The Narrow Road.

Sister: Sue Keeley (a disciple of the Christ and Pastor Sheehan)
1 Thessalonians 1:6



PS.. You also said this to me, it doesn’t add up John, it’s just not cricket .. “I'm associated with an Outreach Ministry that's dedicated to preaching the ‘Word of God’ as well as confronting False Prophets and Heretics. It's nice to hear from you … J. FERRIS”.