(well 'supposedly' good peoples going to hell fire)

Have you ever heard your pastor preach this kind of message?.....if maybe because your pastor is a hireling or a charlatan, maybe even a devil in disguise hiding out in some Presbytery somewhere or maybe in the Masonic Lodge........he certainly doesn't love you with agape

What men and women call good and what Jesus the Christ calls good are two totally different things, these are as far apart as heaven is from hell

A Presbyterian church member came to me recently in a very angry manner as I proclaimed on the streets of Goodna ;'REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS' for all sin,, on faith-obedience to the doctrine of the Christ. He pushed a contact card into my pocket while blabbing scripture loudly in my ear and professed to be a follower of the (heretic) teaching of John Calvin, deceased.

This young man was from the religious group who call themselves......OPERATION Brisbane City. A peoples who obviously have never been operated on by the great surgeon Yeshua with the 'Sword of the Spirit'....the bonafide doctrine of the Christ.....ref/Romans 2:29.

He presented himself in a robotic manner, offering his hand to shake, in the process trying to crush my hand but unable to (I thought that was funny) most definitely in the flesh as script would say. Quoting scripture from various parts of the bible (that appeared to support his belief system) without taking a breath and forgetting some along the way while talking over the top of me when I endeavoured to answer his questions. H e sounded like he came from one of those churches that are taught to repetitiously remember scripture and do yearly plans on how to ;'understand and read the bible' in 329 steps but never really have fallen in love with the Christ, hence never really have come to the knowledge of the truth/Jesus.

These peoples are under a systematic theological (without the theo, theo meaning God) teaching and have been cheated out of the beauty and awe of being led by holy ghost.

Bogged down in the philosophies of unconverted-religious-unbelieving-adamic natured men and women who are held  hostage by religious traditions and have not been taught according to the Christ or by the Christ. They are everywhere, swamping the earth and successfully hiding behind the name Religion and Jesus, while in fact they are 'Cults' in the true sense of the word, plenty of followers, plenty of monies and plenty of sin and the world fits in just nicely with it all. But their teaching is far away from that of the Christ of old.......ref/Colossians 2:8-10, Ephesians 4:20,21.......Selah.

I believe he sensed he was talking to no novice, this aggravated his religious pride even the more. Because of his rather blank, expressionless face I decided to ask him if he had a mental condition or if he was on some kind of medication but he said no, however he did leave me get on with my preaching after I asked him for about the seventh time to go away and stop annoying me with his rubbish talk.

Here is 'some' of the teaching, counsel that is on their .....Contact Card......"Australia is the greatest country in the world but are you a 'Good Aussie?.......the bible tells us that to get to heaven on our own merits.....'we must be perfect'.....however, no one is perfect, in fact we have all sinned against God". (we have kept the card for confirmation of their contradictions of scripture)


The old (satanic-inspired).........'NO ONE IS PERFECT CLICHÉ'.....actually, the world use it everyday, well, every time they wish to escape the thought of the penalty of their sinfulness anyway.

And the professing-christians of the world have joined their damnable-club and share a coffee together while they quote this lie one to another, (under the guise of love) finding a temporary relief for the guilt for their willful-sin and maybe even a permanent friend to frequent the local coffee club arena with. And if anyone says otherwise they are accusers of the brethren (who aren't even brothers, sisters or mothers of the Lord Jesus) ...............ref/Luke 8:21.

Side by side they be, happy to assist each other with their mistakes (deliberate sins) that the Christ dealt with at the tree/cross yet never willing to believe so, least they be obligated by truth/Jesus to forsake such damnable

Then again what else could you expect to hear from the mouths and hearts of men and women who have rejected the 'love of the truth of the Christ's Doctrine' and been given over to a lie by the God of Love...Yahweh.....ref/2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

You can be assured when you hear the .... no one is perfect.....slop, that you're dealing with a know-all-know-nothing rebel, who listens to the devil as Eve did. You're dealing with a headstrong, educated fool, unteachable-man and woman pleaser, a lover of pleasure who is up for and into ,all kinds of hanky-panky, even to the selling, peddling of God's Word while claiming faith in the Son of God, which is despicable to say the least.......ref/2 Corinthians

These are the ones who put more trust in men and women's bible teachings, denominations, history, past religious movements success stories, dialects and artifacts than they do in the Christ and holy ghost, the one and only one sent of God to guide all true disciples of the Christ. Most churches today are nothing more than....'Orthodox Cults'

Holy Ghost is the only reliable, infallible, faultless translator, according to scripture, most don't believe this in today's churches all because they have no faith (they don't believe) in The Faith/doctrine of the Christ....they are led around by sight not insight from the indwelling one-Jesus the Christ. Forever asking such questions as...."What denomination (flavour of religion-teaching of man) do you belong to"?......ref/John 16:13, 14...... click.

Yes, all ...'have'......sinned but that wording is 'past tense' and there be no more room for 'known sin' and its temporary pleasures in a true disciples life anymore, says the Lord Jesus the Christ through a multitude of scripture that is if we intend on being saved to the uttermost....ref/Romans

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Pastor: Paul Sheehan
Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission
Psalm 51:5, Hebrews 10:39.