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Phil Powell of CWM-Brisbane supposedly 'X' AOG Church leader claims as many do, to be sold out for the Christ proclaiming unadulterated truth but 'Absolute Predestination' apparently has a total of 80 NT scriptures against its proclamation, a Gospel which he so does his associates,

When we take a quick look at his 'affiliations' and associations and 'their' affiliations and associations....we find that Phil is really open to anything that is not 'too obviously' heretical. As you read the contents below and  click onto the articles attached to this letter you will come to see that Phil and all concerned in this maze of corny representation of the Christ are really only desperate religious peoples trying to gather peoples to themselves under the guise of 'love and faithfulness to the Christ' but their price tags and bar codes, lies and deceit, compromise and inconsistency expose them for who they really are, peoples without faith in The Faith-Doctrine of the Christ. Not to mention double-minded and hypocritical, proclaiming one thing and associating with and overlooking the very thing they are supposedly exposing as evil, unscriptural and deceptive....when it comes to gain of some sort....acceptance, numbers or fans, maybe even a little more publicity, kind of like that Pentecostal-media-tart Danny Nalliah fellow from Victoria who is always telling 'Pork-Pies'




We at CWM and many others have been praying about the obvious attempts to restrict the public Preaching of the Gospel and the issuing of public warnings against the promotion of aberrant life-styles in our countries. Foremost in this battle are the groups of Street Preachers of which many of us are aware.

Leading the Vanguard in Australia are the "Corneloup brothers", one of whom has familiarised himself with the legalities associated with freedom of speech etc. Caleb Corneloup, is not trained in law but has taken on the various town and city councils even against their QC barristers in the court systems, and has won some notable cases, the latest of which was in the Supreme Court of South Australia (Full Court) on 10th August 2011. The Judgment can be read at http://www.c.htm and is of such significance that it will undoubtedly set a precedence across the whole of

(Corneloup says that Calvinism is not damnable)...........Read this one too, she's a

The "Corneloup Brothers" have marvelous testimonies of being saved from a background of crime. The youngest brother, Sam Corneloup is the organiser of our CWM-Conference in Adelaide-September 23/24, 2011 - see for full details. These young men, have seen much success in  their activity within AoG in South Australia, have been made aware of the departure and deception within that denomination and have "come out" and have now established a Church in the heart of Adelaide simply called Street Church, 83b Hindley St Adelaide. Sam has just shared this testimony with me (Tue 16/08/2011 1:56am)" "We went to a gay march on the weekend and saw a young girl soundly saved by God's Grace. It was great to see. "We praise the Lord for them, their witness and we invite all in the Adelaide and South Australian region (and across Australia and New Zealand) to join us as we focus on Preaching the True Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ during our CWM Conferences. Let's set the month and subsequent year aside to RE-BUILD the WALLS that AoG and others have broken down and now oppose us in the work - of. Nehemiah 2:17-18etc......(read this, very much applicable to the CWM/Corneloup

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  • Read this... fellow is a friend and promoter of the Corneloups also......but an abuser of Jacob Prasch, Phil Powell's Jewish mate and one who is ready to spear anyone who doesn't believe what he claims to
The whole wretched set-up stinks, is disgusting and hypocritical to the core, each and everyone of them running in a different direction yet claiming to be affiliated and connected to the one source......Messiah's Gospel, the Gospel that demands obedience (without a lying tongue) as an 'essential' element for salvation to the uttermost.....up to the light one has. What fellowship has darkness/false doctrine, compromisers and liars with light, the Christ's Doctrine........infallible truth ????????

We are not of-with those who peddle-sell-hawk the Word/Doctrine of the Christ......ref/2 Corinthians

I sat alone because of the hand of my God-Jesus the Christ
Pastor Paul Sheehan.......JTCM 15:17.