Tomb Builders......Are smothering the globe, pretending to be of the Christ when all along they are nothing more than murderers of true prophets, messengers and teachers of the Christ. Apostles that are no more apostle than the Pope of the day, just liars. Deluded churched peoples seem to think that if they quote the Greek or Hebrew translation of scripture they are some how on top of things, leading the way, maybe in their own minds but not in reality. How deceived, there is only one we are told, who will translate the oracles of God and he is holy ghost, the Greek and Hebrew don't get a mention in script. All the rest are inferior translations whether Greek, Hebrew, Arabic or aboriginal. The translator/holy ghost knows more than any translation on the earth, in fact he is omniscient and infallible. The scriptures don't say go nowhere till you have the Greek and Hebrew sorted out or go nowhere till you have a certificate/credential from some shoddy man-made denomination. No, the script says that we are to go nowhere till we have received holy ghost power, understanding and knowledge are inclusive here......ref/John 14:15-17, Acts


While the buildings, statues, artifacts and monuments of the prophets, apostles and messengers of old still continue to be built, polished and re-painted this very day the voice of the true prophets of Messiah falls in the street and is trodden on by the so called Lovers of the Christ, yes it is blatant hypocrisy and  evil at its best. They say they are sons of Abraham but at the same time want to kill, persecute and reject the true prophets of Yahweh. Some of these religious devils even say that there be no more prophets and apostles in the earth. I have not come across that scripture in 23 years of reading the holy writ.......ref/Ephesians 4:11,

Prophets are sent to bring peoples back to God Almighty and usually are given a deaf ear, which leaves Jesus with no alternative but to forsake them who first forsook Him. These prophets of Yahweh are usually considered enemies of the Church and conspiring against God's People, this is how far the people of God are away from

These.....Tomb Builders.....hinderers, hold back the biblical-revelation-knowledge from their congregations and give them teachings of their own gluttonous hearts, so they hold the sheep in bondage to obsolete practices and fantasy, for monetary gain. And if you challenge such charlatans they will stone you between the altar and the temple, they will cast you down before you may reach the front door of their Church/Den, thinking they do God a favour of course. Being so deluded in their selfish-carnal-degenerated minds they think the prophet to be mad or a threat to them but know not he is sent to open their eyes to their sick condition and the truth about themselves. Their hell-bound

If you are one that even gets an opportunity to speak to these critters, they will examine and cross-examine you hoping that you will make an error that they may accuse you of something at the same time (they build their Tombs/posing as Messiah's disciples) trying their best to concrete their traditions and denominational curriculum that contradicts and conflicts with Messiah's Message/Doctrine. These dogs/Tomb Builders, would even attempt to read words into writings and letters that you may write to correct them, while their words are not found in the letter you wrote, it is all but imaginary and wishful thinking in their own deluded minds. Neither could anyone of a sound-Godly mind envision their statements in their wildest of dreams, absolutely

Fighting tooth and nail to uphold their heresies, building the Tombs of the Prophets once again, at the same time denying they are doing any wrong to anyone. They will give account of their wicked religious actions to 'God the Judge-Jesus the Christ'. Tell me if you can find Paul or Timothy praying for silver, gold or material goods (worldly wealth) for the saints at Colosse, have a real close read of these scriptures and share it with the money-strapped, USA and its prosperity-churches and the Joel Osteen's, the Hinn's, Meyer's, Copeland's and the Creflo Dollar's of the world, I am sure their tongue will stick to the roof of their mouth..........ref/Colossians 1:9-12.....Selah.

Tomb Building is about as far as they follow the prophets anything else is just too hard. They pretend that they are lovers of the 'message of the prophets' and even claim they are as the prophets but when it comes down to receiving and walking in the message (which is the bonafide doctrine of the Christ) they simply say......Too Hard!.....far too taxing on their sin-life, social-life and fringe benefits

There is no money in speaking the truth specially in the wicked days we now live in, 'Common Ground' is the all time objective for these critters. You may identify them by their many statues, painting and back-drops on the TV/Programmes, most of their settings remind me of a jumble sale or garage sale. They forever try their best to connect themselves to someone who has done something in Christ, no matter how long ago it happened. And if that person was alive on the earth today they most probably would not want to even greet them good-morning. I have always believed that Name dropping has always been a clear sign of insecurity in one's field and let me add

Entering into the true blessings of God is not entering into earth-bound gain, neither are the religious hypocrites interested in anything else but materialism. These religious....Tomb Builders...can not stand to even think that people would want to live their lives a living sacrifice, holy/without known-sin before the Lord and forever proclaim and teach others that 'they are sinners' supposedly saved by grace, amazing isn't it? They dread the thought of losing their customers-cash $$$ who are bound by  chains of deceptive-greed to buy their folly/books, discs and obsolete teachings of tithes and sabbaths and objects of worship that are not needed to worship Yahweh or even to be saved for that matter.......ref/Acts 17:22, 23.

So they continue to appeal to the carnally-minded church goers who continue on in their sin (using Jeremiah 17:9), which keeps millions in their dens/churches/sanctuary's of iniquity, fattening themselves with their dull-hearts for the slaughter. What they actually build is Taverns of Illusion loaded with drunken men and women, drunk with the lies of the devil. The same devil who ordered the death and persecution of every true prophet that ever walked in the name of Jesus - Almighty God. And to think that they call themselves peoples and followers, disciples of the Christ, in the next mouthful.......ref/Matthew

Positive - Thinking is part of these Tomb Builders curriculum and always has been, they, like the spiritualists of old always appeal to the sluggard-hearts of the majority. The Muslim-Faith is now also stitching this satanic program onto their formulas for success and progression in this sin-cursed

Beware of the Tomb Builders!......for they, their families and their life are number one,
 not Jesus the Christ - God Almighty

Pastor Paul Sheehan/JTCM-Mission, Philippines