To Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission
Greetings Brother Pablo & Sister Juvy..............
I think of you often and when I do I thank Father for the Fire in your heart and the testimony of the Saviour that you bring to a dying world and a sick church.

I've been reading the 12 book compilation you gave me, “Fire and Hammer” its well written, full of Truth and Warnings to the Church and there’s Direction there for the lost also ..... click

I enjoyed the time we had with you in Brisbane. My soul was encouraged (and stirred).

Yesterday I showed your testimony (DVD) to a Roman Catholic man... a lot of truth was revealed to him with many tears ... click

May the Lord Jesus continue to lead and direct you (this is the way) as He does His True Sheep.... click.

I love to encourage you for the True Zeal you have for Him/Jesus who is worthy of all our praise and thanks ....

Your Brother .. Joe
Innisfail, Qld, Aust ........... 12.1.2012

"Behold....The Lamb of God who came to 'take away' the sins of the people of the World".