"V" is for Victory


Brother Shadrach asked me some time back to get him a computer, so that he may play computer games and extend his reading, writing and hearing skills.

I thought it was a good idea but I had no leading from Father at all. Hence, I let it go and put it on the holy ghost shelf for further perusal and consideration.

On the evening of the 4.1.2006 Father met brother Shadrach's desire of his heart. A dear and kind brother in the faith came to our door with an IBM laptop computer (Free of charge)....Hebrews 6:10.

Not only did brother Shadrach get a laptop but he also got pre-paid access to www. as long as he wants. Servicing also provided free, given that the dear brother who gave the article is an IT expert.

Now you know why brother Shadrach has the.......victory......sign happening in the above photo. Thank you Jesus.

Father looks upon the heart, Jesus loves the little children of the world, yellow, black and white. How time is changing. Brother Shadrach is six years old and has his first laptop. The glory belongs to Jesus....Matthew 6:32-34.

The dear brother who gave brother Shadrach the laptop with pre-paid access to the net knew nothing of Shadrach's desire for a computer and I myself have no time for computers, besides JTCM has a wonderful 'web master group' to attend to our website page. I like to keep it simple, if you know what I mean......Acts 6:4.

The lord Yeshua is our shepherd we have no want.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Matthew 22:37-40

P.S. The Sheehan household  is not a one-tenth house hold we are a ones-life household. We give everyday.......click.....click.