While in the Philippines recently on a job for Father my wife found an interesting package in our home mail box.

It was literature and a DVD of JTCM torn to pieces and broken. I gather by a very angry person, I reckon that one got the message. This person was caught red-handed (so to speak) by one of the congregation from JTCM as they left our home through the front door. The angry man simply smiled with a hypocritical grin when spotted at our mail box by the church member.

God's timing is no doubt perfect as he is, yes, your sin will find you out. This man was Mr. Rod Cordingley of Shiloh Christian Church in Goodna (AOG/Australian Christian Church, a church renown for sexually-immoral leaders who were stood down) he apparently works for Drug Arm. The AOG Organisation has had a record of sexually immoral leadership for decades ref/....AOG Garden City ....Jim Williams. Rod has a 'Cell Group' operating in his unit/bachelor's pad, so he says. What he is actually teaching I know not. But each time I have crossed this person and given him the unadulterated word of the Christ his only response is an ungodly anti-truth/Christ reply. Sin does hinder peoples from comprehending the truth...Ref/John 1:5...Selah.

This frustrated bachelor has a real shabby testimony with me, in my eyes. One time in a fit of rage after I gave him the messianic-truth he said with a blood filled face....."You know Filipino people will listen to anyone who will pull them off the rubbish dump". Rodney is fully aware that my wife is Filipino and that JTCM minister to Filipino people. Is this the love of AOG, what kind of love is this?

My reply to him was...."You are true to the typical AOG style love ...pretenders and hypocrites in a word Pharisees. Although I told Rodney to repent, he like all insolent people smiled and considered what he said as of good report. Rodney believes that the Pope is the head of the Church Universal, yet another critical error of the now Australian Christian Churches .....compromise and ecumenism.

A bit like Pastor Pryor of Lakeside Christian Church/Tweed Heads, after 'Once, Twice, Three Times With Ladies' (Lionel Richie). Having ongoing relationships with three women of his congregation then turning around and saying ..'our mistakes and failures may harass us but God will carry us through'. Mr. Pryor's exposure was reminiscent of Frank Houston/AOG being stood down by his son Brian when he was caught out for paedophilia behaviour...surely a sign of the times we are presently in.

Yes, Rodney is AOG to the roots, I have never known them to be any different those who arise from that organisation and why people would want to be credentialed by such a business is plain to see......
it's a top of the heap franchise name.

You may be wondering by now what right I have to speak like this, if you turn in your bible to Ephesians 5:8-13 you will find your answer and this you also will do if you love your God and neighbour. As for my wife and Rodney's remark about Filipino peoples she believes that this man is ignorant and encouraged me not to lower myself to such a despicable level as he and his mindset, she feels sorry for his cell-group, for they have a hypocrite guiding them (where I know not) that is if there really is a Cell Group. Hopefully the AOG will rebuke Rodney and stand him down, at least till he is taught some biblical manners and agape love. But first I suggest Rodney find a bonafide minister to lead him to the Christ of the holy bible not the Jesus of the AOG Ecumenical Business Religion.

As for me and the shredded literature/truth/broken disc the only scripture I get from Father is....Matthew 10:12-15...sad hey! However, we all reap what we sow, it's just that most don't believe that, that is why they operate as they do...hence, they hate truth and love not their neighbour, not like themselves

▪ Dayawon (give respect to Yahweh)....Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14.
▪ Pastor Paul Sheehan/Watchman and saint
21st December 2009

PS....It will be interesting to see or hear what Shilo-AOG Goodna does with Mr. Rodney but I'm not holding my breath given the track record of AOG/Australian Christian Churches's discipline toward.' sin ...that thing they call mistakes and failures, flaws and missing - it'

If you lose your copy of this letter you may find a fresh one on our

PPS.......Don't forget to rejoice with the roman catholics and the ecumenical churches of spiritual-whoredom when Mary MacKillop is sworn in as Australia's first real Saint.....Surely this alone tells you that the Roman Catholic System has no part with Jesus the Christ, rather they mock his death, burial, resurrection and his unadulterated word/

"As one bible student once said.......the Pharisees could not stand Him/Jesus but they found out they couldn't stop Him".....