"Baptised into Messiah"
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It was around, approximately 10 years ago I was relatively new in the ministry of Messiah and as keen as mustard, just as I still feel today about loving My God/Jesus the Christ.

Father had quickened me to travel south from my present location at that time to Surfers Paradise the all famous tourist destination of the world.

While I was preaching repentance and forgiveness on the streets I was met by a local Pastor who offered me a room to stay in while I was in Surfers......Father knows what he is doing......amen?

So I took the offer and made myself comfy, I had a bed, a chair, a lamp and a table. My little room was outside the house like a garage made into a room, it was neat, thank you once again for that Father......Psalm 37:25...(click here)

Many things went on during my stay in Surfers but there was one thing in particular I believe you should hear simply for your encouragement. Just because your name is not in a glossy mag or you are not recognised by the many does not mean that you are not mighty.

Gideon was mighty but he did not even know, tucked away there in the wine press called "unknown"are you getting the picture? Father made it known to him......Judges 6:12, Acts 16:17.

The report goes that after I had done my time in Surfers and Father had called me on to another region......something rather powerful happened in that very same room I was in, the pastor and the healed testified. It was also said that the person who was healed read one of JTCM's Tracts while in the room.

The story goes something like this........the next person that occupied the room I was in was healed. The next person was either healed when they slept in the bed I was sleeping in or they were healed on entering the room. Either way I find it excellent and a story worth telling, a testimony worth hearing.

We read of St Peter sitting in the street and people getting healed as they passed by through his shadow and people touching the handkerchiefs of St Paul unique to say the least. Fathers will not glory hunting.

There was a man in the street at that time who said to me...."man, you have miracle working faith, did you know that?"

It is a good thing to encourage but let us forever remain sober, serious and in the faith for the days are evil.....amen?

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There was a little city with few men in it there lived a poor wise man and he by his wisdom delivered the city yet no one remembered the same poor man....................bible ref/Ecclesiastes 9:13-18......selah!
  • My miracle is not on the way, my miracle is the way Jesus The Christ my miracle. Let us learn and love him/Jesus even more.
Travelling the highway of holiness!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10
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P.S....Name and address of pastor at the Gold Coast can be provided for the unbelievers, the doubters and the presumptuous.
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Footnote: Let all those rejoice who trust in you, let them ever shout for joy because you defend them and let those who love your name be joyful in you.........Psalm 5:11.