Acts 12:2, Mark 3:17, Revelation 1:9

On pondering on the writings of my God and Saviour the Christ Jesus only recently even very recently (Dec/Santy Season) Father was giving me a touch of encouragement and strength and he showed me this......seemingly ancient wall hanging. 
A wild drunkard who rode a Harley Davidson, who smoked Mullimbimby grass, ate acid/LSD, had a mouth like a sewer, concentration level of minus 3 and was on the .......highway to hell and loving it. A man who didn't know where the Gospel of John was in the Bible. A man that was told he would die a drunk.
Here I am in 2008 a messenger of Yahweh with a small but powerful ministry/church in a rebellious religious city/Brisbane where we have many adversaries and despisers.

Father showed me the amazement of our little church/ministry teaching and speaking into the lives of church leaders worldwide on a shoe-string budget or less, at times. Police Headquarters in Brisbane City along with christian? radio stations, secular TV stations and tele-evangelists the professional sector and Churches in New York City, all of these plus peoples in 81 countries of the world are reaping of the wonderfilled fruits and truths, understanding and knowledge he/Yahweh deposited in me and it's free from (peddling) charge $$$$.

Father reassured me that he is well pleased with the ministry for JTCM has spoken as he has said, come what may, we have not degraded his word by selling it at a price neither have we watered it down with pleasantries that tickle ears and rub wallets. Father said to me that JTCM was a huge, rich church in the world and a powerful one, he gave me the reference of the church at 'Smyrna' and said that we were surrounded by and secretly mocked by multitudes of Laodecian Hearted Churches and their

But Father also said that he will have the last laugh and 'his' holy remnant peoples will laugh with him. This he made very clear in my spirit by the power of the paraclete, he said......."Your ministry and call is to walk as 'a son of thunder' and that you and all who are willing will be with me".......Mark

Sent and sending in the name of Mashiah.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10



P.S. Even the Roman Catholic Church (the Vatican) is being stirred by that little church JTCM Australia.
Note: This letter is fully reminiscent of Father's grace and not a man - made denominational effort. It is also extremely effective to remember that it was Mrs. Mary Zebedee who asked Jesus for a platform for her sons right next to Messiah (you could say another girl-power job). So let us take a little more 'selah' while chewing over the meat of the word, who knows, we may even get it right for once.. Matthew 20:20, 21......"She came asking and he said to 'her' and 'she' said to Jesus 'I' want you to grant this", click, click.
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"Much given......Much required..........Much suffering".