CWM (Phil Powell) FELLOWSHIP, BRISBANE/NEWS … 19.07.2012


“Father, I stand in complete amazement of Your Unrelenting Love for Your children. Thank You for the Blood of Your Son and the Eternal Grace that You pour out upon us. It seems so unbelievable that You choose to Remove and Forget our many Transgressions (Sins) against You. Yet You do just that! Make us worthy of Your remarkable Mercy and Grace”.

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Can you Spot the Errors/Heresy in the Prayer above?? ..

Firstly .. The Unrelenting Love of God .. this is not true ..for many who were His will be cast into Hell-Fire according to script .. and many who prophesied and cast out devils by the power of the Holy Ghost in His Name will say Lord!..Lord!.. and he will say ..”Go Away from Me”!.. Unrelenting Love you reckon ?.. And then we have those who don’t Overcome (known) Sin all because they really don’t want to and their names are Removed/Blotted out from the Book of Life .. Unrelenting Love you reckon?.. And we can’t forget the Lukewarm who are spewed out of His Mouth, rejected by Him .. Unrelenting Love you reckon?.. ref/Matthew 7:22,23, Revelation 3:5, 3:16, John 14:23,24.

When I read this prayer I was grieved, especially for the babes in the Christ, the gullible, the lukewarm and the ignorant, that they may see this prayer and start to believe that God’s Grace is never ending toward his people/church, regardless of their actions and morals, even if they be UnGodly. God’s Grace is eternal but it is not necessarily eternal (ongoing) toward all humans, unrepentant sinners-churched or otherwise .. “Grace is given to the Humble but not to the Proud” and the Spirit of God will not strive with men and women forever .. .. ref/1 Peter 5: 5, 1 Corinthians 6:1.

And we have the ‘Make us Worthy’ request in the above prayer .. yet scripture says different, it says that we are not ‘made worthy’ but we are ‘accounted worthy’..

“Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be ‘accounted worthy’ to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man”… ref/Luke 21:36.

Many bible teachers in today's Churches say that this script means .. ‘as long as we are ‘Trying’ Our Best to Overcome Sin our efforts will enable us to be Counted Worthy of Salvation’ .. Then again script says that our best is as Vapour, so that’s out of the question for starters .. read and view the links attached and get the Soul Saving Truth … Click
So on a quick read, we find so much error in one simple prayer ..what would we find on a close examination of CWM-Ministries doctrine? .. at the end of the day the prayer above is a perfect example of Calvinistic Slop leading people down the garden of Eden path and nothing else. Yet CWM say they Contend for the Apostolic Faith of the True Church… I find that hard to believe.
Still Contending with the Contenders
Pastor: Paul Sheehan .. JTCM-Mission Australia

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