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(to a Brisbane City Sidewalk)
Matthew 11:28.

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I was preaching the gospel of power/grace, on a main thoroughfare in Brisbane City on the walkway it was 6.30am on the 8.7.2005 and there was a beautiful anointing happening.......Isaiah 55:11......Click.

The literature, tracts, modern day scrolls I was distributing were peeling off rather steadily when out of nowhere came a back packer/hitch-hiker, a young lady from Sweden, she stopped instantly when she heard the name Jesus.....Isaiah 55:11.

She told me she had a bible in her pack, I asked her if she was born again or only once she said once, so I told her she needs to be born again that she may be accepted by God/Yahweh.....John 3:5, Acts 8:30, 31......click.

I asked her if she believed that she was a sinner, she said yes. Her name was Anna, she spoke good English too. She first took a tract and then I offered her a book so she took that also, I asked her where she was heading and she said to find accommodation for the night....

I asked her if she would like to pray and ask Jesus to forgive her of her sins, she agreed, so we did, wow. This young lady was open to receive like I have not seen for a long while......Luke 24:47....

As soon as we prayed she was hmmm! aaah! wow!.....smiling like a division one lottery winner, man she was touched, I mean, he, Father really moved on her in a big way. She just stood there looking at me smiling big and she was still carrying her pack and extra baggage while she stood.....

I thought she was going to start singing.......'the hills are alive with the sound of music!'

I told her that all the teaching, preaching, truth and light she needed was on our web site and that I looked forward to teaching her from our site daily, wherever she may be in this big old sin filled world. What a day! what a miracle, that we met 6.30am on the sidewalk in Brisbane City that she may be forgiven, cleansed, saved. This dear soul knew the time of her visitation and layed hold of it, glory halleluyah!.....Acts 8:26-31. 
  • Pray for sister Anna that when the roll is called up yonder she will be there. Amen.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Luke 19:10.


Postscript: This young lady reminded me of the young lady/Miriam who came from Switzerland (some years back) met us on the street, ended up living with us for around three months then returned to Switzerland then commenced missionary work with drug children in Colombia. Once again it all started, with JTCM on the street in Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia.