• Mike Gendron of Proclaiming (A) the Gospel Ministry, USA, writes in the CETF March/2006/Issue 35, page 11.........
  • Subject Matter.......Does the christian church need to be evangelised?
  • MG......"When people hear the word of God, enabled by the spirit of God to trust the son of God they become a child of God".
  • So what does the holy bible say?.....Faith comes by hearing, salvation doesn't come by hearing. Many have heard, been enabled but refused. If there be no confession I doubt whether there be any salvation......Hebrews 3:15.......Click.

    Confession is made with the mouth to salvation and belief is in the heart which brings forth the confession or allows us to verbalize our intent, heart condition.......Romans

    It is obvious Mr. Gendron doesn't understand that prayer is talking to God. I am referring to his statement, (red flag quote) that of repeating a suggested prayer. Besides, becoming a christian is not the problem of the last days, it is remaining one.....ref/Hebrews 3:12-15, Luke 9:62, John 6:66. And of course the fair weather peoples of the Laodecian (evangelical, pentecostal, charismatic) church are another example of 'God Given Faith', gone

    Does the christian church need to be evanglised?......I firmly believe that the pulpits, seminaries, bible colleges and conferences would be the place to start, so that the peoples will have the gospel available rather than a

    Another of Mr. Gendron's brain wave ideas in this article relates to "God Given Faith". What MG doesn't see is that God only dishes up one kind of faith and many be they who have been partakers of it but few be they that (care to or do) endure to the end says the established canon of
  • Ananias and his wife were partakers of God given faith, they lied to holy ghost and were struck dead by God/Yahweh. And many a jolly baptist pipe up and say, but that doesn't mean they lost their salvation. However, the scriptures tell us all, once again, that "all" liars take their part in the lake of fire not Jesus Kingdom. Unless of course that part has been rewritten for the sake of roman catholics, back slidden pentecostals, evangelicals and x roman

    Actually, we can not even repent unless Father allows us, unless we bear fruits worthy of repentance. Fruit worthy of God allowing us to repent so what's the fuss about? Saved by grace through faith, neither is ours or ever was, so how can anyone (in the light of the Christ) say 'salvation by works'. For we can not even do genuine works without "God Given Faith'. Could Mike still be a roman catholic or maybe just sincerely confused?. I am sure he means well, don't all calvinists? Like the (holy?) man Spurgeon and his corona cigar hanging out of the side of his mouth while confessing ('The Cross') death to self. Hardly my idea of a mentor of selflessness. Not to mention his munificent library and grand dwelling place, did holy ghost get a look in?

    In the fear of God/Yahweh
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Philippians 3:8-11


    Whosoever calls (sounds like there's a voice (prayer) involved here) upon Christ's name shall enter into safety......Romans 10:13, Romans 11:22.
    "God Given Faith' displays no price tags or bar codes, ref: Jesus, Peter, Paul, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, James, Jude and all new testament disciples who were subject to Messiah's doctrine.....2 Peter 2:15