"And not according to the Christ".......Colossians 2:8
We have Jesus the Christ saying to call yourself an unprofitable servant and we have Creflo Dollar saying call yourself a profitable kings kid, like speak positive boy, think big and the big bucks will roll.

And of course you have Paul Sheehan and the (holy) remnant saying that he/Jesus is more than enough. He/Jesus, is not enough but more than enough. The God of plenty not the plenty but he Jesus-God.

Creflo and his kind are in wealth, leading people out of the land of not enough and just enough into the land of wealth and plenty, overflow and even the promised land of the 21st century on this present earth. Something I vehemently believe does not exist in established canon-scripture....2 Corinthians 6:10, 2 Peter

The law of abundance...Creflo Dollar Style surely does exist for Hollywood, Egypt, Evil World Governments, Gangsters, Porn Rackets, Drug Runners and Motivational Speakers also witness this

But nowhere can we find the law of abundance (of monies and material goods) overflowing into the Smyrna Church, St Paul's Life, Elijah's Life, The Life of the Beggar Lazarus or the churches of Macedonia not even the life of the Christ himself.....2 Corinthians 8:1, 2.

Once again the folly of Mr. Dollar and his partners in crime (that is if lying and stealing is still considered a crime and sin) is made manifest to all just as Father said it would be in the last days.....

And to make matters worse Mr. Dollar's wife goes about calling herself Pastor Taffi Dollar which is yet another wayward teaching I still have not found in scripture........female pastors - shepherds, teachers and church leaders in new testament times.....

There is an abundant life to be had but (unfortunately) it is in accord with Godliness and the Christ and it has nothing to do with the mighty (unmighty) dollar or Creflo Dollar. .Be of good cheer for he/Jesus has overcome the world (and the lies that come with it) and so can we all by biblical faith (doing what he says). Jesus says, say this..."we are unprofitable servants " we confess this with our mouths daily for he our master Jesus the Christ told us you confess this with your mouth?.......

Calling a spade a spade and not a great big shovel.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Unprofitable Servant.......Luke 17:10, Galatians 1:10.