Phil Pringle

* CHANNEL 10........16.12.2006
Phil is another of the myriads of plagiarists out there today lurking around the www who forever lay their unclean hands on truths (given to others) and then twist them to their own advantage and shame even detriment in the end unbeknown to them. Religious peoples like these are not able to keep their minds off (church growth tactics) money making, buildings, head counting and 'self' esteem for a

Mr. Pringle on this 'broad-cast' cites misuses the scripture (Zechariah 3:1-5) referring to the high priest Joshua in OT to tell yet another tall tale about 'earthbound-temporary-prosperity, fortune and progression'

Phil tells how Joshua was filthy with sin and likens him to those who are in pulpits and pews today who are not 'getting anywhere' (pennywise) all because they are not right with God this is why 'things' aren't happening for them in their lives,

So how is it that males (not men) like Ted Haggard, Jim Williams/AOG, Frank Houston/deceased and others of the mob ref/Jim Bakker, Hinn, Meyer, Copeland, Savelle, Cerullo, Price, Dollar, Winston and Robison and Pat Robertson, usually have heaps happening (at the top of the heap) but their lives, doctrine and morals are nothing less than sinfully shabby, world friendly and nothing short of ungodly. Yes, dear reader, the buildings just keep going up ("come and see what lord Joyce has done"), the money keeps rolling in and the gulls keep

Mr. Pringle's tale, theory, is tainted and not true, not honest and by no means a leading of 'holy' spirit but another. Far too many sleazy church leaders and TV evangelists have lied to and robbed too many peoples of the true-gospel for too long. Father has and is raising up non-partial, non-conformist prophets (preachers) to blow 'the' trumpet of truth with certainty and surety. These men are not from the camp called 'peddling the word or the camp called plagiar' these ones are bonafide messengers from 'outside' the camp. Neither are they from the so called man made 'prophets and apostles movement/USA!.....(certificate provided).

● These men are not afraid to speak against (the lies of) sordid religious empires whether they be Evangelical, AOG/Pentecostal or the big bitch herself the Roman Catholic

JTCM is hoping and praying that these type of churches and leaders will consider their ways and repent before it is too late, for some (most) it is already too late, their soul has been sold. There is a place called 'too late' just ask Esau Afterwards/ son of Not

Hence Wait!....As I have ministered for years 'wait till holy ghost empowers you' then you will not need.....
  • The book on how to evangelise and how to talk to a JW, Moslem, RC or Elephant.
  • The school of healing and money making, $$$$$
  • The video on how to do and receive a miracle. A 6 week course (no fees refundable)
  • Or the conference on how to become a pastor, prophet, teacher, apostle in 10 easy payments eftpos and visa card accepted......(with a certificate provided to prove it).
When holy ghost has come and empowered you, he will lead you off in Fathers Will for your life and ministry. And you will never have to buy the books, hope and love ever again, for you will be abiding there right where they are. And 'now' abideth faith, hope and love/agape., do you live there or are you still reading about these places???????

Doing all things heartily, you have just partaken of another hearty beef broth from the dining room of JTCM a paraclete regiment in

Getting down to the heart of things, whether deceitful or honest.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
● A brand plucked from the fire indeed.
Important Notice: Phil like Brian Houston of Hillsong Australia is a close friend of Mrs. Joyce Meyer Min/Pty Ltd.

(not that it's not