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(birds of a feather)

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THEN MANY FALSE PROPHETS WILL RISE UP AND DECEIVE MANY ............................................MATTHEW 24:11.
(many deceived and few saved)
Only recently I had an opportunity to witness one of these on the Ben Hinn healing show......this is your day......07022005......(click here).

BH had as his guest a man by the name of Sam Doctorian. This particular fellow claims to have had conversation with around nine angels and also seen visions and dreams whilst on the Island of Patmos........(click here).

Here are a few things that didn't add up to me about this so called seer, prophet........Sam Doctorian friend of Ben Hinn and Bill Graham might I add.

Birds of a feather do definitely flock together and there can be no doubt about this as we see on a daily basis, whether that be in church, pulpit, friend or just plain association, cross bearers and sin bearers can never walk in unity......(click here now).

As for Sam he calls himself.......Reverend Samuel Doctorian. He is from Beirut, apparently studied his theology in Scotland says he is a man with a message of love but God has now given him a message of warning since his time on Patmos. Keep in mind, no true prophet has ever befriended a crook....Matthew 21:13.

Sam wears a large diamond cross or diamante cross around his neck and dresses himself in black (of course). Sam told he went and anointed a plot of land with oil and prayed his blessing upon it.......(click).......(click).

Sam gave a whole lot of talk about coming events that were so vast and general in information you could virtually put anything to these words and say it meant this, that or the other. Nortredamus has said more...(a false prophet).

Sam spoke of getting about with the love message hardly a message that any true prophet brought with them since the time of Genesis at least not the love Sam talks about. Sam was asked by Benny what the word was from Father for 2005 and he said.....

Sam said that God wants everyone to tithe and help Ben with his, his, his overseas trips. Kind of like Ben pats Sam on the back and Sam takes his turn and pats Ben, neat hey?......(click here).

Sam, like most heretics today in church buildings tells of great revival prior, before the coming of Messiah on the clouds. But the great prophet Jesus the Christ says different doesn't he......Jesus the real Jesus not the other Jesus but the REAL one says that the spiritual climate, temperature, season, state of the earth prior to his coming will be as.................the days of Noah!
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Those days were wicked, ungodly, perilous, paganism in plague proportions and that people would be far away from God even cursing him and all who are his.......(click here).

The closure of this interview between the false teacher and the false prophet Ben and Sam was as usual, the request for monies in exchange for a candle within a candle holder made in Israel (or Japan, what's the difference) for the not so small fee of $130AUD. The fragrance given off from this candle was as frankincense.
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  • In summary:

    We had a so called miracle man who knows all about angels and God yet has bodyguards and can not refrain from asking for monies daily to fulfil the call, he says God has put on his life......Ben Hinn.......(click here).

    Talking with a so called world recognised prophet of God who comes also with stories of angels and visions with no specific details telling people worldwide to give monies to Ben Hinn so that the almighty God of heaven may fulfil his work in the earth. And don't forget God told Sam to tell all the churches and church goers and their leaders to remember to give their 10th/tithe......(click here).
  • And you expect me to believe this blasphemous baloney? ........How can I when the word of Yahweh tells me otherwise? And if I did not make mention of the error and lies of these false ones I would too be as they, numbered with the multitudes, crowds, the many who shall be slain by Yahweh on the day of Gods Wrath (that is if God means what he says about Revelation 21:8). Have no part with peddlers of the gospel or the ways of Balaam of Beor who forsook the right way for the wrong way that is strewn with the mighty (unmighty) American dollar with its......"all seeing eye and pyramid of prosperity on it".....(top of the heap, earth-bound visions and dreams)......selah!.......(click here).

    So does Paul Sheehan believe that Ben and Sam are sent of Yahweh?.......Jesus said let your yes be yes and your no be no .......I say.......NO!!!!!!!!!
  • Warning the world of the wrath to come........daily
    Pastor Paul Sheehan
    Matthew 24:4, 5
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